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Apple employs a team of people to transcribe lyrics for Apple Music


Streaming services like Apple Music dominate the US music market
This is one anecdote from a new Wired article about Apple Music.
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Apple employs a team of people “listening to music and transcribing the lyrics,” says Oliver Schusser, head of Apple Music.

“We don’t get [lyrics] from the usual sites,” Schusser says, explaining that Apple doesn’t trust crowdsourcing to give it the right answers for its new synced lyrics feature.

How to search for songs by lyrics in Apple Music


Just look at that rick(shaw) roll!
Just look at that rick(shaw) roll!
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Do you have a snippet of a song in your head, and it’s driving you crazy? Did you forget to Shazam it when you heard it playing in that hipster boutique vegan-boots-and-artisanal-ramen store? Then you need Apple Music’s search by lyrics feature, which lets you find a song based on a few vaguely remembered snatches of verse.

Apple Music is getting a massive upgrade on Android


music streaming
The latest release also includes Chromecast support.
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Apple Music is about to get a big upgrade on Android.

A beta version of its next major update reveals Android Auto support is on the way. A number of other new features will also be added to bring the Android version of the app in line with its counterpart on iOS.

HomePod update will bring phone calls, voicemail, multiple timers


HomePod market share
The new HomePod could offer a neat new feature.
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HomePod is expected to get even smarter this fall when Apple rolls out a big software update.

A new report claims the $349 device will be able to handle phone calls, retrieve your voicemail, and run multiple timers. It could also give you the ability to search for songs by using their lyrics, and to translate languages.

Apple is hiring a team of lyrics curators for Apple Music


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iOS 10 brings lyrics to Apple Music.
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The new lyrics feature in Apple Music might not be powered by a third-party company, according to a new job posting found on Apple’s website.

It appears that Apple instead plans to do most of the work compiling lyrics all on its own by hiring “a team of lyrics curators with excellent writing skills, music knowledge, and attention to detail.”

Google search just upped its lyrical game


It's as easy as that!
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Sometimes you don’t need to click on Google links to get the information you’re looking for; it’s just presented to you instantly right inside your search results. Now the same can finally be said for song lyrics — if you live in the U.S.

Write And Record A Song Right On Your iPhone With Tunedra



Wow, is this app fantastic. Even if you’ve never written a lyric or performed music, you’ll be able to create and share a professional-sounding song recording with new music app, Tunedra.

As a musician, I’m simply stunned by the ability to quickly prototype and edit a song right on my iPhone.

Simply plug in some headphones, tap Record, and start singing. Tunedra will tune your voice and add backing tracks in a variety of styles that match the melody you’re singing. Once you’ve recorded your masterpiece, you can play it, edit it to make it sound less–or more–auto-tuned, and then share it with other Tunedra users or on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email.