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Pick up these gold-plated AirPods Max for a mere $108,000


Caviar takes Apple products and makes them even more expensive.
Caviar saw the complaints about the AirPods Max’s $550 price and said “Hold my beer.”
Photo: Caviar

The $550 price tag for Apple’s AirPods Max raised no few eyebrows, but the Russian luxury brand Caviar blows that out of the water. It just launched a version of these over-the-ear headphones that is 200x more expensive.

Drake drops $400,000 on blue diamond iPhone case


Drake iPhone case
When an ordinary Otter Box won't do.
Screenshot: Jason of Beverly Hills/Instagram

Canadian rapper Drake reportedly spent $400,000 to have a case for his iPhone X covered in diamonds and white gold.

Drake is known to have a thing for bling, but this one appears off the charts. The case is 18k white gold and is covered with small blue diamonds. In the center is a white gold owl, the logo for his record company, with two big diamonds for eyes.

Colorful custom AirPods will make you see green


Caviar AirPods in black
You don’t have to settle for white AirPods if you have plenty of green.
Photo: AirPods

If you’ve been hoping for a pair of AirPods in black or red then this is your lucky day. And you’re even luckier if for some reason you’ve been hoping to pay a whole lot of money for them.

Luxury brand Caviar now has the Apple’s wireless earbuds in new colors but these go for more than three times the standard price.

$10,000 gold AirPods aren’t a sound decision


gold AirPods
Spend like a rock star these 24K yellow gold AirPods.
Photo: Brikk

Lose one of your AirPods and you might be mad that you have to pay the Apple Store for a replacement.

But basic anger and $69 won’t begin to cover the loss of an AirPod when the set was purchased through accessory company Brikk, which offers a pair in 24K yellow gold for $10,000.