Apple might turn iPads into second Mac screens


Luna DIsplay is great for people who travel with a Mac and an iPad.
macOS 10.15 might have a feature that’s already available from Luna Display.
Photo: Astro HQ

Turning a tablet into an external display for a laptop isn’t a new idea, but Apple is reportedly going “all in” by building this feature into the next version of macOS.

The iPad will supposedly  function as a touchscreen for Mac software, which should catch the eye of digital artists.

Luna Display update makes iPad a better MacBook second screen


Luna Display easily converts an iPad into a second screen for your MacBook Pro.
The Luna Display adapter is so small you can hardly see it.
Photo: Astro HQ

A new version of the software that drives Astro HQ’s Luna Display promises to noticeably improve the screen refresh rate and latency for this dongle that lets an Apple tablet function as an external screen for a Mac.

The improvements have also been brought to Astropad Stiudio, this company’s app that turns an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil into drawing tools for a Mac.

Tiny adapter makes your iPad into a MacBook’s second screen [Review]


Luna Display easily converts an iPad into a second screen for your MacBook Pro.
Luna Display easily converts an iPad into a second screen for your MacBook Pro.
Photo: Astro HQ

Even a 15-inch MacBook Pro screen feels cramped when compared to a big desktop display. Too bad toting around a second screen for your laptop isn’t practical.

But maybe it is. Luna Display is a tiny wireless adapter that lets an iPad act as an external display for a Mac. We tested this accessory to see how well it lives up to its promise of a hassle-free way of extending our MacBook screen when on the go. Read on to find out how it did.

New iPad Pro doubles as display for new Mac mini


Processed with VSCO with 4 preset
This might be our dream computer.
Photo: Luna Display

Having a hard time deciding between whether to buy the new Mac mini or the new iPad Pro?

Why not get both and merge them into one workstation?

Luma Display revealed that its iPad app can be used with the new iPad Pro to turn it into a display for the new Mac mini. The end result is a workstation that gives you the best of both worlds for iOS and macOS.

Check out this brilliant setup:

Skateboard scooters, smart wallets, and more [Crowdfund Roundup]


The skateboard that's also a scooter.
Photo: Scooterboard

Crowdfund Roundup bugThe skateboarding experience doesn’t have to come with grazed knees and broken teeth. With Scooterboard, you get the same ride with the stability of a scooter — and a built-in motor that means you don’t have to do all the work.

It’s just one of the awesome ideas in this week’s Crowdfund Roundup. We also have the world’s most powerful smart wallet, a dongle that turns your iPad into a wireless secondary display for your Mac, and more!