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iOS nips at Android’s heels in user loyalty


iPhone Loyalty
Apple fanboys get a bad name, but Android users are less likely to switch.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Americans are far less likely to switch between an iPhone and an Android smartphone than they once were. A new study shows that virtually all users of both types have little interest in moving to the other team.

Loyalty to Android is just slightly stronger than it is to iOS. Nevertheless, more people are switching away from Google’s operating system than they are Apple’s.

Samsung fans remain as loyal as Apple’s despite Note 7 disaster


Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung fans will continue to buy Galaxy phones.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Samsung really dropped the ball with the Galaxy Note 7, but according to a new survey, fans haven’t lost faith in the South Korean company.

In fact, Samsung’s fans are just as loyal as Apple’s, with 91 percent saying they would buy another Samsung smartphone again.