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This Awesome iPhone 4 Mod Illuminates Your Apple Logo Like Your MacBook



We’re all huge fans of the iconic glowing Apple logo that lights up every time we open up our MacBooks, so wouldn’t it be nice to have the Apple logo on the back of our iPhones do the same? Thanks to Andy and Chris at the U.K.-based iPatch iPhone & iPod repair specialists, you can have your iPhone 4 modded to boast a glowing Apple logo every time your screen lights up.

Apple Trademark Infringement? You Decide



A Canadian tech school with an apple logo was sent a letter from Apple lawyers, claiming the school’s green and blue symbol violates Apple’s trademark.

It won’t settle the lawsuit, but they’re posting the legal letter, news reports and a poll asking people what they think.

Over 6,000 people have voted, about 75% of voters in favor of the school.

Lawyers aside, The Victoria School of Business and Technology could probably benefit from a better-looking design.

What do you think?

Via The Mac Observer