Speed Up Your Startup: Remove Login Items [OS X Tips]



When you start your Mac up, you may notice the process taking longer and longer over time. One of the reasons may be the sheer number of little menu bar and helper apps that you’ve allowed to creep into your system over time.

One way to decrease this start up time is to take these items out of the Login Items list, which is in your System Preferences app.

Manage Your Startup And Login Items Easily With Exhaust [OS X Tips]


Exhaust OS X

Remember the days pre-OS X, when you could hit the Spacebar on your keyboard as your Mac started up, giving you access to the Extensions Manager? Man, I surely do not miss those days. Startup items are now called Login Items, and they just happen, right?

OS X really doesn’t give us much choice in how these apps and features that we blissfully add to our Macs launch on startup, though, does it. If you want to have some control over the Login Items, check out this free little app, Exhaust.