Side Kick cable manager eliminates usual tangled mess


Side Kick cable manager
If you miss the pop out tabs, Side Kick will bring order to your MacBook cord.
Photo: Fuse Reel

Logan Bailey will not rest until he has tamed every last tangled MacBook charging cord.

He made inroads in 2017 with the Side Winder, a reel that mounts the charging brick in the middle and pulls in both ends of the cord with a few twists.

Now, Bailey returns with the Side Kick, a square-shaped collapsible cable winder that sticks to the side of the charging brick. It comes to the rescue of new MacBook Pro users who are discovering Apple made changes to the charging cord.

Stubborn inventor reels in unruly MacBook cords


Side Winder
Logan Bailey left Brigham Young University with a degree and a hit product.
Photo: Fuse

Logan Bailey’s first commercial invention is the Side Winder, a reel that neatly coils a MacBook charging cord to keep it tangle-free.

But the Side Winder isn’t his first Eureka! moment. That came in the fourth grade when he built a better toenail clipper.