Loco Motors Appeals To Lego Lovers And Amateur Engineers Alike [Review]


Loco Motors

I don’t own a whole lot of Lego at the moment, and that’s intentional because if I did, I’d just sit around building things all day, and none of these reviews would happen.

Loco Motors by Minority Media
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $0.99 (introductory; reg. $4.99)

Building something from scratch is satisfying, and if it has a function to perform and succeeds, it’s even better. Loco Motors plays on this by letting you build your own vehicle and then use it to complete tasks on a test ramp. It’s essentially two puzzle games in one: one in which you build a car that will run, and another where you let it loose on the track to complete specific tracks.

And luckily, it has an interface that lets you do these things both easily and quickly.