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Stream live music, podcasts and radio with Broadcasts


Listen to Internet Radio
Use your phone to tune in to radio broadcasts all around the world.
Image: D. Griffin Jones/Cult of Mac/Arianit/Wikimedia Commons

Most people don’t really use AM and FM radios anymore, but streaming live content is hardly dead. Lots of podcasts do live streams — and you can still tune into radio stations online. Broadcasts, an app by independent developer Steven Troughton-Smith, makes listening to live music and streaming radio on your iPhone very easy.

Let me show you how it works.

Accessorize your iPhone with 4 great Labor Day deals


iPhone Accessories Labor Day Sale
Get more from your iPhone with Labor Day deals on four awesome accessories.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Unlock your iPhone’s awesome potential with one or more of the fantastic accessories in our Labor Day sale.

We’ve got fantastic noise-canceling headphones that cost a fraction of what you’d pay for AirPods Pro. A solar charger that lets you stay powered up when you go off the grid. And a handful of tools that will make your FaceTime calls or YouTube videos look their best.

No matter what you use your iPhone for, we’ve got something for you — and all of these accessories are heavily discounted for your Labor Day shopping pleasure.

Enhance your video calls with special lenses, lighting and more


Pictar Home-Office Kit
Make your videos look better with a bundle of 18mm wide angle lens, 3-in-1 tripod, LED light, and more.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Nowadays much of our human contact happens through a screen. From Zoom meetings to vlogs, podcasts and livestreams, the cameras on our phones and computers are the world’s window into our lives. The lenses, lighting and other gear in this kit can help improve the view.

Get the perfect lighting and angles for your quarantine streams [Deals]


U-Stream Main
Boost your streaming video game with these discounted gear bundles.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Being unexpectedly stuck at home can mean you’ve suddenly got time to start streaming your thoughts and creative endeavors. But if you want people to watch your videos, you’ve got to cover the basics — good camera angles and quality lighting.

These two DIY bundles include studio lights, camera grips and more so you can stream video like a pro.

Live-stream on Instagram and Twitch with this professional video gear [Deals]


Livestream like a pro with a mounting clip, mic, remote shutter and all the tools you need to record great-looking video on your smartphone.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

There’s never been a better time to start producing video content. However, even for YouTubers and other DIY types, the standards of quality are high. Getting the right video gear can make the difference between gaining an audience or just streaming into the void.

These discounted high-end hardware bundles offer all the tools you need for creating professional-grade video content straight from your smartphone.

YouTube lets you livestream right from your browser


YouTube livestreaming
You can give fiddly streaming software the boot.
Photo: YouTube

YouTube has made livestreaming easier for everyone by allowing us to broadcast directly from a web browser. Chrome now lets you “go live” with nothing but a webcam — and support for other browsers is coming soon.

It’s going to get a lot easier to livestream from your smartphone, too, unless you use an iPhone.

Twitch desktop app finally lands on Mac


Twitch livestream
After months in beta, the full version is finally here.
Photo: Twitch

After several months in beta, game streaming platform Twitch’s desktop app for both Mac and Windows is finally available in its complete full version.

The app includes all the features you’d expend to find in Twitch’s web browser version, such as voice and video calling. However, it also includes a few features that you’ll only find in the app version. In other words, what are you waiting for, gamers?

iOS 11 beta 3 hints at possible live broadcasting feature


iOS 11 Control Center
Apple made big changes to Control Center in iOS 11 beta 3.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Live broadcasting your home screen to other iPhone owners may soon become possible, thanks to a new addition spotted in iOS 11 beta 3.

Apple added a new button to Control Center that hints at the upcoming functionality. The button doesn’t do anything right now, but it shows Apple could add live broadcasting in one of its next beta builds.

China wants to tighten screws on livestreaming apps


Tim Cook meeting with China's vice premier on a previous visit.
Photo: Apple

Apple has run into another hurdle in China, with internet regulators in the country reportedly calling on Apple to “tighten its checks” on live streaming apps which appear in the App Store.

While no specific live streaming apps are mentioned, popular apps include Periscope, Facebook Live, and others. Apparently the concern on this occasion concerns possible “management loopholes” with the apps in question. However, this is far from the first time the Chinese government has kicked up a fuss about Apple.

Stream 360-degree video from your iPhone


Take this 360 camera for a spin. Get it?
Photo: Giroptic

360-degree photography is all the rage these days, and a new third-party iPhone accessory could further add to that — by giving users the chance to easily record 360 photo and video using their trusty iPhones.

Designed to allow for live-streaming via Facebook and YouTube, the iO device takes both 4K still photos and enhanced 2K video. Check out a video demonstration below: