Star Wars fans love the series’ most dangerous tech


Star Wars Force Awakens Rey BB-8
This could be you, you heartless nerds.
Photo: Lucasfilm

A new poll of the most-wanted technology from the Star Wars universe shows that fans may not have really thought their answers through.

The survey comes courtesy of Harris Poll and software developer myDevices and asks one question: “If you could have any technology from the Star Wars trilogy, which would you want?”

While we approve of the study ignoring the prequels completely, we aren’t sure about the winners because it sounds like what these fans are really requesting are amazing and spectacular deaths.

iPhone captures Downton Abbey cast’s awesome lightsaber battle


Indubitably. Capes are cool. Photo: Rob-James Collier
Indubitably. Capes are cool. Photo: Rob-James Collier

Rob-James Collier, who plays the evil butler on Downton Abbey, Thomas Barrow, is running the London marathon to raise money for a local Multiple Sclerosis charity.

While he might have been able to raise the goal amount of £10,000 on his own cache in the popular British period drama alone, he chose to film a few members of the cast on set playing with lightsabers.

How can you not want to watch Downton Wars?