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How To Use Your iPhone And Lightroom To Geotag Photos [Video]


Lightroom 4 lets you easily geotag photos taken with an ordinary camera
Lightroom 4 lets you easily geotag photos taken with an ordinary camera

Before our full review next week, here’s a great little how-to guide on using geotagging in Lightroom 4. Adobe’s photo-editing and cataloging app has caught up with iPhoto and Aperture in its latest version, and you can now view any photos with embedded GPS co-ordinates on an in-app map. This means any of your iPhone photos can be browsed by location, which is a surprisingly useful tool.

But what if you want to reverse tag your photos? Say your camera doesn’t have GPS, but you have a track log recorded on a GPS device or with an iPhone app. How do you put this data together in a useful way? Below, Adobe’s Terry White shows us how.

Adobe Lightroom 4 Now Prints Amazing Glossy Blurb Books



One of the big things missing from Lightroom — Adobe’s excellent photo processing app — was printing. Not boring old printing where you have a big, expensive box in the corner of your office spit out endless sheets of paper until one of them is right. No, we mean remote printing, where you choose some images, hit a button and, a short while later, a gorgeous book appears on your doorstep.

Apple’s iPhoto and Aperture have had this for a while. Now, thanks to Blurb, the brand-new Lightroom 4 has it too.

Adobe’s New Creative Cloud Will Include CS6 & Lightroom 4 For $50 Per Month



Adobe is set to launch a new service during the next few months called the Creative Cloud, which will allow users unlimited access to its pricey Creative Suite 6 package for just $49.99 a month. What’s more, Lightroom 4 will also be bundled in as soon as it’s out of beta.

That’s pretty terrific when you consider purchasing CS6 up-front will cost your around $2,000. In comparison, $600 a year is a bargain, and you get a lot more for your money.