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New iOS gaming controller sports Lightning and USB-C connectors


With a USB-C connector in addition to a Lightning connector, the controller easily works with both iPads and iPhones.
With a USB-C connector in addition to a Lightning connector, the controller easily works with both iPads and iPhones.
Photo: RiotPwr

Saying Wednesday that it created a “future-proof cloud gaming controller,” RiotPwr released a new iOS gaming controller with both Lightning and USB-C connectors.

“The RiotPWR RP1950 controller [is] the solution for the USB-C cloud gaming crisis for iOS users,” the company added.

Today in Apple history: Lightning replaces 30-pin dock connector


Anker PowerLine II USB-C Cable
The Lightning connector was ahead of its time.
Photo: Anker

September 12: Today in Apple history: iPhone 5 brings big changes, new EarPods September 12, 2012: The Lightning connector replaces Apple’s aging 30-pin interface, a proprietary data and power connector that debuted on the iPod Classic in 2003. The slender and capable new Lightning port debuts in the iPhone 5, bringing big improvements — and no small amount of controversy.

Apple soon will build the Lightning connector into many other products, including iPad, iPod and accessories. It’s used to charge the mobile devices as well as transfer data to a Mac or PC.

Eye-catching iPhone Pro concept adds smart connector, drops Lightning port


Eye-catching iPhone Pro concept adds smart connector, drops Lightning port
This suggested iPhone Pro doesn’t use the Lightning connector. Nor does it have a model number.
Photo: Antonio De Rosa

A concept artist proposes an iPhone Pro without a Lightning port. Instead, he envisions a new dock port on the back of the handset where clip-on accessories could attach.

A beautifully made video shows off the concept iPhone as though it were real. Watch it now.

EU regulators move closer to banning Lightning cable


The bottom of the XR: The Lightning port isn't perfectly aligned with the speaker holes, and of course, there's no speaker jack.
The days every iPhone has a Lightning port may well be numbered.
Photo: Kristal Chan/Cult of Mac

In a move that seems squarely aimed at killing Apple’s Lightning port, a large majority of the European Parliament voted in favor of establishing a common charger standard for mobile devices.

This is only a step in a process that is likely to see the Lightning connector banned from devices sold in Europe, but it’s a significant one.

Apple might kill the Lightning port with speedier waveguides


Apple waveguides patent
An iPhone receiving data via a waveguide wouldn’t need an external port.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

Apple is looking for better options for transmitting data than wires or wireless connections. One possibility mixes the two: sending high-speed data down waveguides.

The result would something capable of transferring data much more quickly than a wire and without requiring a port on the iPhone.

Hacker discovers bypassing iPhone passcode limit just requires a keyboard [UPDATED]


iPhone passcode limit can be bypassed with a keyboard
A hacker claims the iPhone passcode limit can be bypassed with an external keyboard.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Companies like Grayshift help police bypass the passcodes on locked iPhones. One might think that this requires some byzantine hacking skills. Apparently not.

A hacker reports that iOS has a soft spot when it comes to external keyboards, allowing someone to send as many passcode attempts as desired. The passcodes have to be submitted correctly, though.

24k gold iPhone dock comes with a nice charity donation


A gold plinth worthy of your iPhone.
Photo: Brikk

From magnetic chargers to levitating ones, one thing we’ve learned in 2016 it’s that apparently nobody likes to just plug their iPhone in and charge it regularly.

If that includes your good self, you may be interested in a new ultra-luxury Lightning Dock, released by Los Angeles-based premium technology products maker, Brikk.

Available in 24k gold yellow gold, 18k rose gold, and 950 platinum, the docks will make any visitors to your house say, “wow, that guy/girl sure has an expensive-looking iPhone dock.”