Levitating Apple Watch charger looks too futuristic to be real


Lift is a truly wireless Apple Watch charger.
Photo: Levitation Works

Apple Watch owners can now make the daily hassle of charging a magical experience thanks to a new charging station that looks like ir came straight from the future.

By combining the power of Apple Watch’s induction charging with magnets, the Lift charger levitates your watch in mid air while charging.

Check it out:

This gorgeous and elegant bamboo gadget will turn any desk into a standing desk



If you’re anything like me, you’re probably interested in trying a standing desk… but not quite so committed to the idea of standing all day that you’d be willing to throw out your office chair.

Which is why I’m so interested in the Lift. Now on Kickstarter, it’s a gorgeous and elegant wooden desk gadget that allows you to convert your existing desk to and from a standing desk at will.

Mastering The iPhone To Become A Better Lover: Self Improvement [iOS Tips]


Checking in for motivation!
Checking in for motivation!

Let’s face it, even if you focus on your relationship, dress better, learn how to cook, and practice better grooming habits, the only person you’ll always be in a relationship with is you. In fact, you will be a better person to be around if you take the time to work on your self, first and foremost.

That doesn’t mean you need to eschew all relationships until you reach some sort of inner nirvana state, but it does meant that spending a little time, every day to become more confident, happy, and to engage in positive behaviors will help you become a better person, which is ultimately what makes you a better partner and lover.

That said, here are a few iPhone apps that can help you with you.