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Have You Actually Used Passbook Yet? [Let’s Talk]



Passbook is supposed to be one of the big new features of iOS 6. Its magical card keeping system is supposed to help you ditch all your coupons, tickets, passes, rewards cards, and maybe even replace your wallet all together someday. The only problem is that there aren’t a lot of places you can actually use Passbook yet.

It’s not that Passbook isn’t a great feature. It’s awesome. People really want to use it. The MLB wants it to replace their ticketing system someday. But because it’s only been out for a few weeks, there are a limited number of apps that take advantage of it, which makes it seem like a bit of a let down. On the CultCast last night we talked about how we haven’t had the opportunity to use Passbook much, but we’re wondering what your experience has been with it so far. Have you actually used it? If so, what do you think? If you haven’t used it, what can be done to get more businesses and people on board?

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Would You Buy A Colorful iPad Mini? [Let’s Talk]




We’re expecting Apple to announce the iPad Mini really soon. Production is ramping up, and the keynote is rumored to take place next week. By now Apple’s got all the details in place for the first generation iPad Mini, and it’s more than likely only going to come in black and white, but what if Apple made the iPad Mini as colorful as the new iPod Touches?

Gizmodo’s been playing around with iPad Mini concept art, changing the back plating to match the new colors of the iPod Touch, and it looks really good. A red or yellow iPad Mini would look pretty sweet, and because it’s going to be a cheaper tablet, parents are probably going to be buying a lot of iPad Mini’s for their kids at Christmas, and kids love the hell out of colorful products. Do you think Apple should release the iPad Mini in a rainbow of colors like they do with iPods and the original iMac? Tell us what you think over at the Cult of Mac forums.

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Did Tim Cook Need To Apologize For Apple Maps? [Let’s Talk]


"I know there have been rumors about order cuts..." - Tim Cook

Apple doesn’t have a rich history of apologizing for their errors, big or small. When AntennaGate shook the web, Apple held a conference but they never said they were sorry. They just told us that antennas suck sometimes but they’ll give us a free bumper to be quiet. In fact, I can’t remember many times at all where Apple came out and publicly admitted a mistake.

Tim Cook’s apology this morning was a great gesture. It was almost a first for the company. Admitting that Apple’s not perfect and made a mistake isn’t easy, but did Tim Cook need to apologize to satisfy Apple customers? Could they have done something else to resolve the situation? We’d love to hear your ideas, so come over to the forums and talk to us about it.

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Does Your New iPhone 5 Already Have Scratches On The Back? [Let’s Talk]



Even though the iPhone 5 has only been in most owners’ pockets for four days, a lot of people have complained that the back plate on their iPhone 5 has a ton of scratches. Apple says the back of iPhone 5 is made of anodized 6000 series aluminum — the same material used in Apple notebooks — so it shouldn’t scratch that much, but if you’ve seen this picture, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

How’s the back of your iPhone 5 holding up? Does it have a few scars already, or has it been just fine? Are you going to get a case, or does a little wear and tear give your device some integrity? We want to know how your iPhone 5 has been doing so far so come chat with us about it in the Cult of Mac Forums.

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Excited To Get Your iPhone 5 This Morning? [Let’s Talk]


Screen Shot 2012-09-21 at 6.59.35 AM
A photo of the iPhone 5 line outside of the University Village Apple Store in Seattle by intrepid CultCast host, Erfon Elijah.

Good morning! If you got in on the preorder crush last Friday within the first hour, you’re probably not even reading these words, but tucked into your warm bed, dreaming of iPhone 5s and dancing Wozzes. If you didn’t, though, we know where you are: camped outside of your local Apple Store in the cold, going absolutely bonkers with anticipation for Apple’s best phone yet.

So line-waiters, this post is for you. Tell us a few things. Where are you? What time is it there? How big’s the line you’re in? And, most importantly, which iPhone 5 are you getting?

Me, I’m getting too rickety in the bones for lines, so I’m waiting for my 64GB white iPhone 5 on Verizon to leave the Fed Ex sorting facility in South Boston. How about you? Let’s talk about it!

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Is iOS 6 Maps A Disappointment, Or Understandable First Gen Product? [Let’s Talk]



Since iOS 6 came out yesterday, everyone has been dog piling on the new Maps app, talking about how terrible it is (us included). There’s even an entire Tumlr dedicated to how badly it sucks. Is everyone being too hard on Apple for trying to build their own Maps platform? Or should Apple have kept Google Maps around?

What do you think? It seems like iOS Maps might be an understandable first step that will pay off for Apple big time in a couple of years, but do we really want to wait and have to use an inferior app for a few years while they try to get it right?

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What’s Your Favorite New Feature Of iOS 6? [Let’s Talk]


To update or not to update, that is the question.
To update or not to update, that is the question.

Surely by now you’ve had enough time to download and install iOS 6 on your iPhone or iPad and play around a bit. It’s crammed with a crazy amount of new features, like Passbook, Maps, Flyover, VIP inboxes, new App Store, iCloud tabs, Call reminders, Panorama, Facebook Integration, Shared Photo Streams and like 200 other features I can’t even remember.

Of all the new goodies baked into iOS 6, what is your favorite? What’s surprised you so far? We want to hear all about what you think, so head over to the forums and let’s talk.


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Should You Pre-order The iPhone 5 Or Buy It From The Apple Store? [Let’s Talk]




You probably already know whether or not you’re going to buy the iPhone 5 by now, but how are you going to buy it? John Brownlee published his excellent guide on how to pre-order the iPhone 5 the right way, but is pre-ordering the best way to go? Yes, it’s the surest bet. If you pre-order early, you’re guaranteed to get your iPhone 5 on September 21st.

Here’s my dilemma though; my FedEx guy never shows up till 6pm, and during the iPad 3 launch there weren’t any lines at the Apple Store after 11am, so I just walked in and bought the new iPad and was out of the store in five minutes. I’m thinking that might be the case this year with the iPhone 5 too, but demand for the iPhone 5 is going to be higher than it was for the iPad 3. Do you think the lines at stores are going to be lower this year because everyone will pre-order? Which would you choose?

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What Are You Most Excited About From Today’s Keynote? [Let’s Talk]



Apple’s keynote today was long and packed with new products and software. There was a lot of stuff to love, and even somethings that were completely boring. What product are you most excited about that Apple announced today, other than the iPhone 5?

The new iPod Nanos look great, and the iPod Touch is just another reason why digicams are toast. And oh hey, there was that lanyard thing that comes with the iPod Touch that looks really dorky, but I’m sure people might really like it. What are you stoked for? Come chat with us in the forums about all the new stuff you’re excited to play with.


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What Will Apple Announce On Sept. 12, Other Than The iPhone 5? [Let’s Talk]



Over the past couple of days, Apple’s been busy updating Yerba Buena and rehearsing their keynote deliveries in preparation for the iPhone 5 announcement. The iPhone 5 is a sure bet. We know it’s coming. You know it’s coming. But will Apple have any other goodies to show off at Wednesday’s keynote?

What do you think Apple will announce along side the iPhone 5? New iTunes? Apple TV update? Maybe an iWatch? We want to hear your ideas, whether they’re totally legit or completely whacky.

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