Girl turns boring LEGO juice bar into awesome robot


Would you like extra protein powder in that smoothie? Well, WOULD YOU?! Photo: fickle/Imgur
Would you like extra protein powder in that smoothie? Well, WOULD YOU?! Photo: fickle/Imgur

There was a time when LEGO brick sets were anything but prescriptive. You’d be lucky to get a wheel or axle part, or maybe even a door or window piece in your giant set of loose bricks.

These days, of course, LEGO typically means putting together a complicated model that just doesn’t need glue (though you can certainly use it to make things permanent).

Imgur user “fickle” put up this photoset showing what a couple of enterprising young women did with their toy juice bar, from the LEGO Friends set.

“It was supposed to be a juice bar,” they wrote on the photo sharing service, (but) “a set of ED-209-inspired power armor is far better!

3 kiddie games that grown-ups will love


LittleBigPlanet 3 is made of smiles. Photo: Sony
LittleBigPlanet 3 is made of smiles. Photo: Sony

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (read our review) isn’t the only adorable game we’ve had our eye on this month. An assortment of recently released and equally endearing titles are available on every platform you might own. And the best news is that they’re so good you don’t have to worry about anyone catching you playing them.

Here are three fun ways to get your cute on without anyone laughing at you.

The Meme Awakens with hilarious remixed Star Wars trailers


If Wes Anderson was making The Force Awakens, the trailer might look a lot like this. Video Frame: Jonah Feingold/YouTube
If Wes Anderson was making The Force Awakens, the trailer might look a lot like this. Video Frame: Jonah Feingold/YouTube

We’ll admit it: we were all squeeing like fanboys when we saw the official trailer for the upcoming sequel, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

We may have watched it quite a bit more than once, but the YouTubers below have taken their fandom to another level, with some really well crafted remixes of the official short film.

Check out trailers below starring the cast of (and scenes directly from) the original trilogy, the trailer as Wes Anderson would do it, and a bizarre rendering of it all with pets in place of human actors. Oh, and there’s also the obligatory Lego version, as well, so be sure to scroll all the way down.

Lego scooter helps gimpy tortoise get around


Lego wheels glued on the belly of this tortoise helps him move while he recovers from muscle weakness. Photo by Action Press/Rex
Lego wheels glued on the belly of this tortoise help him move while he recovers from muscle weakness. Photo: Action Press/Rex

Tortoises are born with houses on their backs. But what if their legs aren’t strong enough to move about with such a burden?

A veterinarian in Germany found a solution for one gimpy tortoise by raiding his son’s toy collection: Dr. Carsten Plischke used Lego bricks to make a kind of scooter for Blade, a shellback that has difficulties walking because of a growth disorder.

Smart toys for grown-ups with back-to-school blues



Toys for grown ups

It’s almost back-to-school time, again. Rats. Whether you’re heading to the hallowed halls of college, shoving your kids out the door or just gearing up for the cubicle after a long lazy summer, you deserve a little something to make the transition easier.
Here are our picks to keep your inner child happy, including a May-December romance vehicle and a killer kit for desk warfare.

Lego Architecture Studio

Many an architect built the foundation of his or her career with Legos, now the Danish toymaker tops its architecture series with a new kit especially for the grown-ups. The Lego Architecture Studio comes with 1,200 components plus a manual penned by architecture luminaries including Sou Fujimoto, Ma Yansong and Moshe Safdie. Lego suggests making your own masterpiece, from the Eiffel Tower to the Trevi Fountain.
When you do, send us the pics.

Dream Toy

This handmade porcelain “art toy” hails from a studio in Sydney called Egg Picnic. The simple, elegant design of the Dream Toy harks back to the Aboriginal myths and legends tracing the origins of native animals and the evolution of their appearance and behavior. We just think it looks cool.

iSpy Tank

Roll out the hijinks with this tank that you can control with your iPhone, iPad, iPod via Wi-Fi. The iSpy Tank comes equipped with a built-in mic and live video camera function. It just might jumpstart your YouTube career, depending on how telegenic your grumpy cat is.

Mini Ballista Kit

Yeah, desk warfare. I can attest from the number of pens and other stuff lobbed between the Macs here in the Cult offices that it is an actual thing. That’s why I can’t wait to put together a tiny replica of this Roman artillery weapon. It’s got interlocking parts, a simple, reliable trigger, high-strength cordage and lightweight projectiles. So, you know, watch it, guys.


This cardboard Foosball table gives you all the wrist-wrenching drama of the game minus the heft of having to transport it for your next picnic. It comes with two full teams and one ball and, low-fi as it is, still sports a built-in iPhone speaker for your winning jams. Best part? You can personalize the faces of the players from the Kartoni website.


Get yourself together with this sturdy catchall for all of the things that inevitably end up flying around your apartment or studio: books, CDs, iPad, magazines. The Giffo comes to you in a whimsical giraffe design in 17 pieces of double-reinforced cardboard, so once you’ve assembled it, you can actually tell people you *made* something.


Vespa 946

This is the official ride for your December - May romance. Piaggio’s Vespa 946 costs a hefty $9,946, so you have to be of a certain age to afford it. I’m told by the patient mechanic of my aging LX150 that driving it offers an immediate boost to one’s spirit. Only 3,600 of these red-leather seated, 4-stroke air-cooled engine beauties are going to roll out worldwide. One thing’s for sure: Audrey Hepburn never had it this good.

How to make an iPhone 5s dock out of nothing but LEGOs



Dropping cash on a new iPhone dock each time Apple decides to change the form factor can get pretty annoying, but if you’re down with rolling your own home brewed solution, you can actually create a sturdy dock for your iPhone 5s or iPod Touch using nothing but the LEGO blocks laying around your house.

We’ve seen a few LEGO docks over the years, but a YouTuber has created a simple step-by-step tutorial that teaches everyone how to build their out of three parts – a top segment, cable holder and a base. The dock in the video only uses black and white LEGOs for a sleek look, but we’d love to see it with a splash of color.

Watch the full tutorial below:

Get 5 Titles The Whole Family Will Love With The LEGO Gamer Bundle For Mac [Deals]



LEGO never goes out of style, and they’ve pretty much started to take over the world of new meda as well. Whether it’s through the LEGO movies or television shows, the 1940’s timeless toy has seen a rise in popularity with today’s youth. Now there are the games you can play where LEGO plays a central theme.

And Cult of Mac Deals has 5 LEGO titles packed into a single bundle – The LEGO Gamer Bundle For Mac – where you can get $110 worth of games for only $39.99!

Watch An iPad Become A Classic Mac In This Fun LEGO Timelapse [Video]



LEGOs have been morphing Apple products into dinosaurs and miniature cities for as long as I can remember, but rarely are the Apple/LEGO mashups as useful as the twist a pair of advertising professionals from Norway put on this Macintosh Classic.

Jason Kinsella and Charlotte Bakken decided to combine their love of Apple and LEGOs to create a touch screen Macintosh Classic. The duo from Oslo started by recreating a scale model of the 1984 Apple machine but had to make a few adjustments to the design to fit the iPad, resulting in a fun looking dock you can to sit back and watch a movie from.

Checkout the entire transformation in the time lapse video below: