HTC Uses Patents Bought From HP To Countersue Apple


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Another day, another patent infringement story. Today, HTC brought a couple of counterclaims against Apple in Florida over two patents it bought from HP last December.

The case they’re asserting the claims in is one that started in 2010, with a Motorola lawsuit against Apple. Six of the twelve Apple counterclaims in that lawsuit also concerned HTC. While HTC motioned to transfer the case out of Miami, they had to respond to those counterclaims. They did so by filing their own counterclaims.

Apple In A Strong Legal Position, Samsung Continues Defensive Tactics


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Less is, apparently, more.

In the continuing saga of Apple and Samsung in the copyright infringement trial in California recently, it seems as if Apple has a much stronger position than many people might believe. This isn’t a case of Apple stifling innovation, but rather of Samsung knowing very well that it has a weak case in both the claims it is defending against as well as the claims it has brought to court itself.

Teenager Who Made Small Fortune On White iPhone 4s Shuts Site


white-iphone-4 (1)

The New York teenager who made a small fortune making white iPhone 4s has shut down his website.

“We have closed the site, possibly permanently,” said Lam, 17, in an email to

It’s not clear why Lam shut the website down. He didn’t elaborate. But Apple is the obvious suspect. Lam has already received a threatening letter from a private investigator representing Apple, who accused Lam of “selling stolen goods.”

Lam reportedly earned more than $130,000 delivering white iPhone 4s using grey market parts.