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Learn HTML 5 & CSS Video Lessons [Last Chance]


CoM-HTML5 feature


It’s the next big thing. It’s what makes all the great—and cool—websites, not to mention powerful mobile apps (like LinkedIn’s new app for iOS). What is it? HTML 5 and CSS. Demand for HTML5-powered sites is going through the roof. Everyone wants an amazing site that behaves just like an app. The question is, do you know HTML 5? No? Now you can learn.

For only $49 you get 60 lectures with over 7 hours of video content on learning HTML5 and CSS brought to you by Udemy, one of the leaders in online video education. These lessons are taught by experts at Infinite Skills and start you right off at the beginning. Start with “basic” and get all the way to “amazing” at your own pace. You can watch, and re-watch, all the lessons as many times as you need. In fact, you have lifetime access to these lessons from Udemy, so you can always go back an get a refresher when you need it. How’s that for a deal? Only $49 and you can become a web wizard and start making the next big thing.

You ready to learn?