Updated – Sketchy iPhone 5S Box Photo Shows 128GB Capacity [Rumor]


iphone 5S 128GB

It seems like every time you turn around lately, there’s some new photo leak of what sources promise to be a true look at Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S or 5C casing, LED flash, or colors.

It’s with that caveat that we cast a skeptical eye, then, on this latest reveal, sent to us by Twitter user @leakschina, of what a Chinese language website claims to be a photo of the back of the box of the new iPhone 5S, showing a capacity of 128GB.

Leaked Foxconn Images Allegedly Give Us Our First Look At The iPhone 5S [Update]



Is this the iPhone 5S? Leaked images purported to come out of Foxconn are claimed to show Apple’s next iPhone, and it looks pretty much identical to the iPhone 5, although some have noted that there’s at least one small change: the iPhone 5S uses the iPhone 4S’s softer vibration component instead of the louder rotating one used in the iPhone 5.