Man builds working iPhone 6s using spare parts bought in China


These are the 4 main parts you need.
These are the 4 main parts you need.
Photo: Strange Parts

Want to save a ton of money on a new iPhone? Try building your own.

Using a bunch of replacement parts bought at a marketplace in China, an ingenious YouTuber proves it’s entirely possible to build your own iPhone 6s. It turns out buying the parts is way cheaper than getting an iPhone 6s directly from Apple, as long as you’re cool assembling the tiny parts on your own.

Apple could make us wait until November for iPhone 8


iphone 8 display
iPhone 8 could arrive on time after all.
Photo: Martin Hajek

Apple could delay the launch of its next-generation iPhone until October or November, according to a new report.

It is claimed the company has run into “technical issues” associated with its new curved OLED displays, which means we may not get the spectacular refresh we were expecting this September.

iPhone 8’s curved OLED display to be made by Samsung


iPhone 8 concept
Imagining the iPhone of the future.
Photo: Gabor Balogh

Apple’s “premium” iPhone 8 will offer an OLED display with curved glass similar to that used by Samsung, according to a new report out of Japan.

In fact, sources say the display will be manufactured exclusively by Apple’s South Korean rival, but its curves won’t be quite as pronounced as those found on the Galaxy S7 edge.

Foxconn chairman says Trump should pay to get iPhone made in USA


Foxconn is moving to India
Foxconn doesn't want to be forced to choose between China and the US.
Photo: Foxconn

If President Donald Trump wants Apple to bring iPhone manufacturing to the United States, America needs to open up its wallet first, according to the company that actually assembles the devices.

Foxconn CEO Terry Gou said that if Trump truly wants iPhones to be made in America, he’ll need to push new laws through Congress that offer incentives and tax breaks to foreign companies.

2017’s ‘iPhone Edition’ to arrive late, OLED display uncertain


iPhone 8 concept
Don't get your heart set on OLED just yet.
Photo: iDropNews

We’ve all been calling it the iPhone 8 for months, but according to a new report out of Japan, Apple’s tenth anniversary smartphone will be named “iPhone Edition.”

The device is expected to be announced alongside the “iPhone 7s” and “iPhone 7s Plus,” but we’ll have to wait longer to actually get our hands on it. What’s more, sources claim that the OLED upgrade we’ve been looking forward to isn’t a sure thing yet.

Apple suppliers make big bets on iPhone 8 circuit boards


iPhone 8 logic boards are big business right now.
Photo: iFixit

Apple suppliers are investing tens of millions of dollars into the production of flexible printed circuit boards to meet inevitably strong demand for an iPhone 8 with an OLED display.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics is reportedly expanding its production plant in Vietnam at a cost of $88 million, while Interflex is expected to make a similar investment later this year to ensure steady supply.

Curved OLED displays will be exclusive to premium iPhone 8


iPhone 7
Not all iPhone 8 models will be created equal.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple will indeed bring OLED displays to the iPhone 8 this year, according to fresh reports out of Japan — but you’ll have to pay a premium to get your hands on one.

Sources claim the new 5.8-inch curved display will only be available with the high-end iPhone, while the more affordable 4.7- and 5.5-inch models will carry LCD panels similar to those Apple has been using since the iPhone’s introduction in 2007.

Smaller iPhone set to get big battery upgrade in 2017


iPhone 7
The iPhone 8 will have killer battery life.
Photo: Ste Smith

Apple reportedly plans to pack a much bigger battery inside the new 4.7-inch iPhone set to be revealed later this year.

In his latest research report, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims the smaller iPhone will be the first device to feature a stacked logic board design to bring better battery performance.