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This job-application app can save you hundreds of hours of grunt work


This app can apply to hundreds of jobs a day for you.
Let this time-saving app apply to jobs for you.
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Applying for jobs can feel like a job of its own. Finding a killer job opportunity is hard enough, but when you have to attach your resume, then enter in that same info a minute later, your time gets eaten up fast.

The LazyApply app lets you automate some of the most exhausting steps of the job-application process. And for a limited time, you can snag a lifetime subscription for just $67 (regularly $999).

Apply for more than 100 jobs a day with just one click


Get your dream job with this smart application app proven to get you more job interviews.
Secure your dream job quickly with this service that's proven to land job interviews.
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How much time have you wasted applying for jobs that didn’t work out? For most of us, the time we’ve spent on the tedious job application process is sky-high. Studies show it can take, on average, between 21 and 80 job applications to get just one offer. And that means getting your dream job can be a real numbers game.

Thankfully, you can stack those numbers in your favor with smart tools like the top-rated LazyApply. This state-of-the-art service saves you time by letting you apply to hundreds of job applications with just a click. And a lifetime subscription is on sale for just $67 today (regular price $999).