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iLap MacBook Desk-Stand [Ends Soon!]



Contrary to the name, putting a laptop on your lap, isn’t actually a great idea. Laptops can get rather warm, not to mention it’s impossible for air to get below your laptop to help keep it cool (do you think Apple made these glorious devices out of aluminum just for kicks and giggles?). Likewise laptops just on a desk or table not only don’t let the machines cool as well as they could, but they aren’t terribly comfortable to work at for long periods of time.

It’s pretty hard to find a device that works great on your lap and on a desk (believe me, I’ve looked and there aren’t many), which is where the iLap comes in.

Only available in the Continental U.S.

The iPad Stand from Pendle Products is Stylish, Multifunctional, and as Strong as Steel [Review]


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After the success of its stunning, minimalist laptop stands, U.K.-based Pendle Products has turned its talents to the iPad, and has produced a stand that boasts a functional, stylish design, that helps you to make the most of your tablet device.

Whether you’re watching a film, typing up a document, or you’d just like to show off your holiday snaps on your coffee table, the iPad stand from Pendle will let you do it all.