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Corral accessories with new Mujjo tech organizers


The new Mujjo Tech Kit is compact. The Tech Case is larger.
The new Mujjo Tech Kit is compact. The Tech Case is larger.
Photo: Mujjo

Are your Apple accessories and cables becoming a messy hassle, especially when you travel? Mujjo, known for its vegan leather products, unveiled a new collection of eco-friendly nylon tech organizers Thursday.

The Mujjo Tech Kit and Tech Case help keep your growing gaggle of tech accessories tidy and untangled, the company said.

Build-It-Yourself ‘Last Camera’ With Two Lenses And A Light-Leaking Hole



Like the Lomo Konstuktor (which I have actually konstrukted and found to be pretty cool), the Last Camera comes as a kit so you can build your own camera.

Unlike the Lomo, though, the Last Camera comes with two interchangeable lenses, and you can buy extra kits to customize it in the future, and it even ships with a special “light leak” back that lets stray photons in through the back door.

Illuminate Your iPhone 4’s Apple Logo With This Awesome Mod, But Be Quick!



We’ve seen this magnificent mod for the iPhone 4 before, from a U.K.-based iPhone repair specialist, but the best thing about this one from K.O. Store is that it’s available to purchase right now! The kit allows you to easily replace the rear panel of your iPhone 4 with one that features an illuminating Apple logo.

But you’ll have to be quick — it’s only on sale for two days, and could be pulled sooner if Apple steps in.