Paprika makes your iPad a kitchen sidekick [50 Essential iOS Apps #31]


Paprika on iPad with kitchen items around
Following recipes is easy and convenient with Paprika.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

50 Essential iOS Apps: PaprikaHave you ever decided to make dinner, only to find the recipe has gone missing. Sometimes it’s a misplaced notecard, other times, a saved (or pinned) link that is now dead. With Paprika, your favorite recipes are stored digitally, and you’re in control. As someone who cooks nearly every day, Paprika is the best recipe app for chefs of any skill level.

CES Day 3: Hoverboards, doggie ‘brain puzzles’ and beer


This Hoverboard is hot at  CES 2016.
This Hoverboard is hot at CES 2016.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Cult of Mac CES 2016 full coverage LAS VEGAS — CES is the tech world equivalent of an all-you-can-eat dim sum buffet. Your eyes boggle at all the tantalizing-looking options, but you’re never really sure what you’re about to sink your teeth into.

Sometimes an exhibitor at this sprawling electronics show serves up the tech equivalent of a delicious shrimp dumpling. Other times you end up politely nodding and searching for the nearest napkin.

In today’s Cult of Mac CES 2016 roundup, we’ve got hoverboards, a game console for dogs, robots and other exotic offerings on the menu.

Gadget Watch: Cameras, colanders, clackety keyboards and cufflinks


Cooking, charging, carrying and, uh, cufflinking. Yes, this week’s Gadget Watch is all about the c-word. We even have a cubic camera, a keyboard with a nipple (which doesn’t start with

Cooking, charging, carrying and, uh, cufflinking. Yes, this week’s Gadget Watch is all about the c-word. We even have a cubic camera, a keyboard with a nipple (which doesn’t start with "C" but it’s close -- and clicky).

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Bam! Kick it Up a Notch With These New iPad Kitchen Accessories from Belkin



There’s no space the iPad hasn’t invaded — the kitchen in particular seems a favorite for me place for me to plop it down in. I’ll look up recipes, stream live TV news in the background while I’m cooking or kick back with the Grey Lady over breakfast.

But Apple’s probably going to void your warranty if they find egg yolk in the iPad’s innards. Never fear — Belkin has just announced a whole aisle’s worth of iPad accessories for the kitchen that’ll keep the iPad mess-free.

How To Cook Up A Storm This Holiday With Your iPad & iPhone



With the holidays now only days away, we are all starting to think about the true meaning of the holidays – food and drink, and copious amounts of the stuff! Whether you are in charge of the full roast on Christmas day, or just the cranberries, having a helping hand is always appreciated.

Being the lovely people we are, we have put together a list of the best apps and accessories for both iPhone and iPad that can help your holiday season be as full flavoured and stress free as possible!

MacBook Cutting Board Beats Using Your iPad



Apple’s unibody aluminum carving process… applied to dead tree flesh. For the true Apple fan, this $55 MacBook cutting board is a perfect addition to any kitchen, with a wonderful attention to detail: from the choice of material (an appropriate applewood) to the halved Apple logo on the cutting surface.

My only issue is it’s simply too gorgeous to cut anything on: $55 is just too much to spend on an item that is going to be hacked, slashed and stained with grease and tomato juice within a few days. This $40 iPad cutting board may be a better and more frugal fit for the culinary gore show of the Brownlee/Morford kitchen.