How to lock your iPad into a single app


Guided access ipad
Guided Access can avoid embarrassing mistakes.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

The iPad’s main trick is that it disappears when you launch an app. Fire up a piano app, and your iPad becomes a piano. Launch YouTube and it turns into a TV for pacifying children. This is part of the magic of the iPad, but it’s not quite perfect. Kids can easily leave YouTube and start reading your sexts instead. And a musician might accidentally trigger a gesture while playing on those virtual piano keys, finding themselves back at the home screen in the middle of a performance.

What you need is kiosk mode, aka Guided Access. This locks the iPad into a single app, and disables the hardware buttons. And it’s equally good for keeping you in one app, or keeping people out of all the others.

Griffin’s Kiosk Protects Your Poor, Unattended iPad


Kiosk turns your iPad into a kiosk.


Just the thought of letting a stranger use my iPad for anything other than a quick browse of Wikipedia creeps me out, so I’m certainly not the target customer for Griffin’s Kiosk. But I understand that some businesses use iPad’s for display material, and for them the protective, immovable stand looks ideal.