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Kim Jong-Un sure looks happy with his MacBook Pro


Designed in California, used in North Korea.
Photo: Apple

Apple has a large number of high-profile fans, but there are always bound to be one or two less desirable (but equally famous) ones who slip through the cracks.

One of these is North Korea’s super villain dictator Kim Jong-un, who apparently is quite the Apple fan — as evidenced by a recent photo posted on Twitter by Reuters’ Korean correspondent and author of North Korea Confidential James Pearson, showing Jong-un looking deliriously happy about his Apple MacBook Pro.

North Korea’s Dictator Is Using An Old iMac To Plan His Nuclear Attack On The U.S. [Image]


kim-jong-un-attack-plan-us-1 (1)


Things are crazy in North Korea right now. After hanging out with Dennis Rodman for a bit, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has decided to step up his propaganda by threatening to launch a nuclear attack on the U.S.

There’s no question that North Korea’s got nukes, but they might not be able to hit the U.S. for another few years. Plus, Kim Jong-un is running the show from an old 21-inch iMac that’s probably still running on OS X 10.5 Leopard, so we’re safe for now, right?


Source: BI