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Why Apple Watch doesn’t allow third-party watch faces


watchOS 7 new faces
There are a lot of cool Apple Watch faces, all created by Apple.
Photo: Apple

A high-level Apple exec recently answered a question that bugs many Apple Watch users: Why aren’t third-party watch faces allowed?

It comes down to the company not allowing the wearable’s all-important home screen to be replaced by a non-Apple alternative that might not prove as reliable.

Apple aims to build self-driving car with no steering wheel


Apple reportedly wants to eliminate the steering wheel and pedals from its autonomous vehicle.
Apple reportedly wants to eliminate the steering wheel and pedals from its autonomous vehicle.
Photo: Samuele Errico Piccarini/Unsplash CC

Apple is reportedly committed to making a car capable of driving completely autonomously. The new head of the project won’t be satisfied with a vehicle with only limited capabilities.

The car might not need a steering wheel or pedals at all. And it could be on the road by 2025.

Apple Watch software chief tapped to drive Apple Car project


Apple executive Kevin Lynch
Apple has tapped Apple Watch software chief Kevin Lynch to run the Apple Car project.
Photo: Apple

On the heels of Apple VP Doug Field’s departure as chief of the Apple Car project for a role at Ford, Cupertino has named longtime Apple Watch software head Kevin Lynch its new exec in charge of Project Titan. That’s the code name for the company’s self-driving electric car effort.

Apple’s VP of Technology buckles up to join Team Apple Car


Apple Car: Hyundai Ioniq Electric x Apple Mouse
Apple Car continues to roll. Slowly.
Concept: LeaseFetcher

Apple’s VP of Technology Kevin Lynch, one of the key figures in bringing the Apple Watch to market, is now working on the Apple Car project, Business Insider reports.

Lynch, who joined Apple from Adobe in 2013, will be taking on a leading role on the project, which has been going on for almost as long as he’s been at Apple. At present, the Apple Car project is under the leadership of Apple’s AI and machine learning boss John Giannandrea. Giannandrea in turn took over from Bob Mansfield, who retired in 2020.

Apple explains how ID cards will work on Apple Watch in watchOS 8


Virtual ID cards are coming to Apple Watch
You can leave your iPhone in your pocket.
Photo: Apple

Virtual ID cards are coming to Apple Wallet this fall, and you’ll be able to access them on your Apple Watch. In a new interview, two Cupertino executives explain how the feature will work in watchOS 8.

Deidre Caldbeck, director of Apple Watch marketing, said the update is another step toward replacing your physical wallet entirely. Kevin Lynch, Apple’s VP of technology, highlighted its convenience.

Apple brings veterans’ health records into 21st century


Apple Health Records veterans
It’s a first for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
Photo: Apple

Apple today confirmed that the Health Records feature on iPhone will soon be available to veterans.

The company is working with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to ensure that, for the first time, U.S. veterans receiving care through the Veterans Health Administration will have access to their health records directly on their iPhone.

Apple Watch is getting better at fitness tracking, but it still sucks for running


Activity app rocks. Workout app sucks.
Activity app rocks. Workout app sucks.
Photo: Graham Bower/Cult of Mac

At WWDC this week, Apple all but confirmed that Apple Watch is really just a health gadget. Tim Cook described it offhandedly as a “device for a healthy life,” and most of the watchOS 3 segment of the keynote was devoted to health and fitness.

This focus on health makes sense. As an activity tracker, Apple Watch is arguably the best on the market, and watchOS 3 will make it even better. Apple’s wearable is ideal if you are simply looking to live a healthier day. But, despite some minor improvements, Apple Watch still sucks if you are into running.

Apple Watch is four times more accurate at timekeeping than iPhone


Apple Watch is a killer device, even without a
Apple Watch is a killer device, even without a "killer app."
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

When you’re counting down the seconds to New Year’s tomorrow night, make sure you’ve got an Apple Watch nearby.

“As a piece of hardware, [Apple Watch is] far more accurate as a timekeeping device than the iPhone,” Apple VP of Technology Kevin Lynch revealed in a new interview. “With New Year’s coming, those who have the Apple Watch will be the most accurate watch in the room. There will be no question about when New Year’s Eve actually is now.”

The first Apple Watch was an iPhone with a Velcro strap


This isn't the actual Apple Watch prototype, but it should give you an idea of how unwieldy it was. Photo: Smartlet

The Apple Watch was created under crazy, sleep-deprived conditions, with its first working prototype being an iPhone strapped to the wrist with a Velcro strap, and the Digital Crown represented by a custom dongle plugged into the bottom of the phone via the headphone jack.

Those are a couple of the revelations from a new in-depth article, reporting on the creation of Apple’s eagerly anticipated wearable device.

Adobe’s Biggest Advocate For Flash Is Now Making The iWatch Software [Rumor]



When Apple hired former Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch — yes, the same guy who watched and lamely whined while Apple basically killed Flash by declaring it a wholly unnecessary and archaic web technology that had no place in the mobile age of computing — there was a lot of head scratching. What would Kevin Lynch be doing at Apple?

Well, here’s one theory: he’s heading a team made up largely of former iPod employees, and he’s working on the iWatch.