Katy Perry’s new single is latest Apple exclusive


Katy Perry Rise
“Rise” is available for streaming now!
Photo: Capitol Records

Katy Perry’s new single, her first since 2014, is out today — and you’ll find it only on Apple Music and iTunes. “Rise,” which will be used as the anthem for NBC’s coverage of the Rio Olympics this summer, is exclusive to Apple’s services at launch.

What shipping delays? Pop stars already have their Apple Watch Editions


Apple is producing videos for some big name artists.
Yep, we're officially envious. Photo: Drake/Instagram
Photo: Drake/Instagram

Shipping dates on the Apple Watch may have already slipped back as far as August in some cases, but there’s one surefire way to get your hands on Apple’s hotly-anticipated wearable: be a big name celebrity.

As users around the world counted down the seconds until they could preorder an Apple Watch, both Katy Perry and Drake posted pictures to their Instagram accounts, showing themselves posing with their brand new Edition devices.

Is it too late for me to start a career in pop music?

Katy Perry’s iPhone game is sure to rake in millions


What's that in your teeth, Katy? The savings of tween girls we assume. Photo: Capitol Records
What's that in your teeth, Katy? The savings of tween girls we assume. Photo: Capitol Records

I love iOS games and firmly believe that we’re currently going through a golden age of mobile game development, a bit like what happened for PCs in the mid-1980s, where small development teams can compete on a global scale, simply by way of a great idea and strong word-of-mouth marketing.

But there is a downside to mobile games, and last year one of the top grossing titles epitomized everything true gamers detest about these titles: namely lazy gameplay, tons of greedy in-app purchases, and a celebrity license instead of originality to bring in the punters. That game’s title? Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Its 2014 earnings? Around $200 million.

With that kind of cash being raked in, it’s little wonder that developers Glu Mobile would be willing to try their luck a second time at bringing about the app-ocalypse. Their celebrity endorser this time? Girl-kissing, Russell Brand-marrying, teenage-dreaming songstress Katy Perry.