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Central Park villain reveals destructive plot in series’ first trailer


Central Park is unlike any cartoon you've seen.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s first original cartoon series, Central Park finally got the official trailer treatment today ahead of its debut on Apple TV+ in May.

Central Park‘s first trailer gives a quick glimpse into the zany musical comedy that follows a family of caretakers that live in New York City’s famous Central Park. A dog-wearing old lady villain comes up with a tyrannical plan to destroy the park in the name of capitalism which unleashes a whole bunch of chaos.

Watch the two-minute trailer here:

Tile-based puzzle game sends you sliding into adventure [Reviews]


Stencilsmith combines strategy, farming, mining and battle in a minimalist package.
Photo: Nicolas Sepi, Jr.

If role-playing games take too long, and you don’t think Threes is violent enough, Stencilsmith might be your jam.

It’s an endless puzzle title that has you sliding tiles around to harvest ore, craft weapons, and fight monsters, and it manages to do all of those things with beautifully simple and elegant style. And while everything looks pretty basic and charming, you’ll find after a while that you have way more to keep track of than you thought, and that’s when its ridiculous difficulty will start to gnaw at you like one of those wolves that always shows up on the board when you aren’t quite ready.

But it’s all great fun, and you should definitely check it out.

U.S. Retailers See 27-Inch iMac Shortage Ahead Of September Apple Event


Will we see a new iMac alongside the iPhone 5 and iPad mini this September?
Will we see a new iMac alongside the iPhone 5 and iPad mini this September?

Several major retailers across the United States are seeing stock shortages of the 27-inch iMac as we approach Apple’s rumored September 12 event, sparking speculation that the popular all-in-one could be in line to receive a refresh alongside the iPhone 5 (and possibly even an iPad mini).