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iPhone launch schedule may get big shakeup in 2021


iPhone 11 has been good for business.
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Big changes could be coming to the way Apple launches iPhone, starting in 2021.

Analysts at JP Morgan Chase published a new research note today claiming Apple is readying its supply chain to be able to launch new iPhones twice a year. The move would supposedly give Apple more flexibility to add new features over a six month period and better compete with companies like Samsung and Huawei.

Apple may be gearing up to launch four new iPhones in 2020


The iPhone XS Max is 25 percent larger than any previous iOS handset. So how is it as an iPad mini replacement?
Remember the days when Apple released just one iPhone per year?
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Apple could add to the growing number of new iPhone models it introduces each year. According to an analyst at J.P. Morgan, Apple will introduce four new iPhones in 2020.

This will include three versions boasting OLED screens and 5G modems, plus one lower cost “value” model.

There are no quick fixes to Apple’s current iPhone challenges


iPhone XS Max
It's not as simple as adding a hot new feature.
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Geopolitics are a whole lot more complicated than coming up with a hot new feature to sell your latest iPhone.

For this reason, JPMorgan and Credit Suisse think that there are no easy fixes to Apple’s current iPhone challenges. That’s because they involve the complexities of the burgeoning China vs. U.S. trade war, among other things, meaning that iPhone sales are victim to larger macroeconomic uncertainties.

Apple’s newest services lack ‘depth,’ analysts warn


Apple TV+ could have 26 million paying subs by 2025; 2.6 million currently
Apple TV+ could have 26 million paying subs by 2025; 2.6 million currently
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Apple’s newest services don’t deliver the “depth” investors want to see as iPhone sales fall for the Cupertino company.

Some analysts are particularly disappointed with the upcoming Apple TV+ video streaming service. They don’t believe Apple has any hope of competing with Netflix.

Verizon CEO reveals plan to launch TV streaming service


AOL just got bought by the king of mobile.
Verizon has a massive platform for video content.
Photo: Verizon

Once Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo finally gets completed this summer, a new TV streaming service could roll out to customers shortly after.

The news that Verizon is planning to enter the highly competitive streaming TV market was revealed today by the company’s CEO Lowell McAdam, who says the platform will be a great place to test out an over-the-top service.

Banks went code-name crazy to keep Apple Pay a secret


Apple's partners went to extremes to keep news of Cupertino's mobile payments entry quiet.
Apple's partners went to extremes to keep news of Cupertino's mobile payments entry quiet.

Apple goes to some pretty crazy lengths to ensure secrecy for its various projects, and it expects a similar commitment from its partners.

According to a New York Times article, prior to releasing Apple Pay, the key players (which included Apple and banks such as JP Morgan Chase) referred to each other by code-names after rumors of Apple’s interest in mobile payments surfaced in early 2013.

iPad Demand Is Still Healthy, But Supply Issues Could Mean A Drop In Sales [Analyst]



Apple stock took a battering this week when it was reported that the iPhone 5 wasn’t selling as well as the Cupertino company had expected it to, and it appears analysts aren’t going to let it recover just yet. JP Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz is now reporting that iPad sales won’t meet expectations due to supply constraints during the fourth quarter of 2012.

Why Apple’s $329 iPad Mini Will Do Just Fine Against $200 Android Tablets


iPad mini
It'll sell just fine at $329.

As is often the case with Apple products, feelings towards the new iPad mini were mixed following the Cupertino company’s special event in San Jose on Tuesday. Many were wowed by its good looks and tiny form factor, which still manages to run regular iPad apps just fine. While others were confused over its $329 price tag.

We had expected Apple to price the iPad mini along the same lines as cheap Android tablets, such as the Google Nexus 7 and the Amazon Kindle Fire, which sell for $200. We didn’t quite expect Apple to go quite that low, but we felt around $250 would be just about right.

Instead, Apple chose to ignore what its competitors were doing. You might say that this is a big mistake, and that the iPad mini doesn’t stand a chance against its 7-inch rivals. But many analysts feel the iPad mini will do just fine at $329.

The iPhone 5 Might Actually Boost The US GDP Itself, Says JP Morgan



It’s pretty clear that the iPhone is going to boost Apple’s bottom line this coming Wednesday, September 12, when it’s expected to release along with an invite-only event at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. Michael Feroli, chief economist for investment firm, J.P. Morgan, thinks it might actually raise the overall U.S. economy.

Yeah, that’s kind of a big deal.