Apple Design Guru Jony Ive Speaks At Creative Summit, Says “Our Goal Isn’t To Make Money”



Jony Ive is responsible for overseeing the birthing of Apple’s entire product line, including the iPhone and iPad. Steve Jobs was his best friend, and he is considered a legend in the design community. Heck, the Queen of England has even knighted him twice!

So, when Ive talks, the world listens. Speaking at the British Embassy’s Creative Summit recently, Ive shared some of his own philosophies, including a core belief he shares with Apple as a company: the desire to not make money, but a good product.

Apple Design Guru Jony Ive Given British Visionary Innovator Award


That's 'Sir' Jonathan Ive to you.
That's "Sir Jonathan Ive" to you.

Apple’s longtime head of industrial design has won yet another prestigious award. As part of its World Intellectual Property Day celebration, Britain’s Intellectual Property Office has given Jony Ive the title of British Visionary Innovator for 2012. The award is given ” to celebrate people who have achieved considerable success or developed innovative products, services or designs.”

Ricky Gervais Gets an iPad 2 Courtesy of Jony Ive



Despite the overwhelming demand for the iPad 2 and the supply shortages across the U.S., it seems the device isn’t too hard to get hold of if you have a friend high up in the Apple camp.

English writer, director, and funny-man Ricky Gervais got his iPad 2 courtesy of Jony Ive, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design.

Gervais announced in a post on his blog this week:

So I got two parcels today. One was the new iPad 2 from its genius inventor Jony Ive (it’s a work of art).

So, if you’re finding it hard to get your hands on Apple’s second-generation iPad, or you don’t want to stand in line for the international launch this Friday, all you need to do is write a Bafta winning sitcom, perform a sell-out stand-up comedy show, make a record-breaking podcast and become friends with Jony Ive.