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Siri’s first voice doesn’t think much of his replacement


Siri, go die in a fire, ok?
Siri's original U.K. male voice is putting his successor on blast.
Photo: Cult of Mac

We’re used to having virtual assistants like Cortana diss Siri, but it’s not every day you hear one Siri voice insult another.

Now Siri’s original U.K. male voice — actor Jon Briggs, who also performed on the U.K. version of the Weakest Link — is hitting out at his replacement, calling the new British male Siri “a little insipid if I’m honest.”

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Apple doesn’t really like it when its employees speak to the press. Like, at all. So it’s interesting to see a British voice actor who provided the male voice For Siri — arguably the voice of Apple these days — openly speaking to journalists about how he came to speak for every iPhone 4S on Earth, especially considering Cupertino tried to muzzle him.