Apple Exec Scott Forstall Fired Over Refusal To Sign Maps Apology [Report]



Scott Forstall, the head of iOS for the past several years, was asked to leave Apple today, a move The Wall Street Journal is reporting as due to his refusal to sign his name to the letter of apology for the incomplete feature set and poor performance of iOS 6’s new Maps app.

The journal cites “people familiar with the matter,” who report that both Forstall and recent retail executive, John Browett, were both asked to leave. This is one of the bigger upsets in the balance of executive power at the Cupertino tech company in quite some time, and may in fact signal a move by Tim Cook, new CEO, to more firmly establish his own mark on Apple.

Apple Has Already Removed Forstall And Browett’s Executive Profiles From




The announcement that John Browett and Scott Forstall are leaving Apple by the end of the year just hit the Internet a few hours ago, but Apple has wasted no time updating their website to reflect the changes. On the “Executive Profiles” page of the profiles for both Forstall and Browett have already been removed.

Most of Scott Forstall’s duties as Senior Vice President of iPhone Software have been divvied up among other Apple VPs. Apple is currently looking for a suitable replacement to takeover John Browett’s roles as the Senior Vice President of Retail Operations.


Why Scott Forstall And John Browett Got Fired From Apple Today


Scott Forstall. Photo: Apple
Scott Forstall. Photo: Apple

The announcement that both Scott Forstall and John Browett are leaving Apple today came as a big surprise to many Apple fans. Browett has only been with Apple for nine months, but Scott Forstall was one of Steve Jobs’ favorite employees and has been with Apple since 1997.

Apple hasn’t released any of the specifics as to why Browett and Forestall are leaving Apple, but we’re assuming they got fired for their missteps from the past 12 months.

Here’s why both of them may have been axed:

Apple Announces Major Executive Shakeup: iOS Guru Scott Forstall And New Retail Chief John Browett Leaving The Company


Screen Shot 2012-10-29 at 5.16.36 PM

Apple has announced its biggest executive shakeup since Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO.

The biggest surprise is the departure of Scott Forstall, a longtime Apple executive and the senior vice president of iOS Software. Forstall was the major architect of Apple’s mobile software and had been tipped as a possible future CEO. He will be leaving the company next year. He is serving as an advisor to CEO Tim Cook until his departure in 2013.

The other big surprise is the departure of Apple’s newest executive, John Browett, head of Apple ‘s retail division. Browett is leaving after running Apple’s stores for less than a year.

As part of the reshuffling, Apple’s head of design, Sir Jonathan, gets a major promotion. As well as leading Industrial Design, Ive will also run the company’s Human Interface department. Ive will be in charge of the all-important product interfaces in both hardware and software, a role previously fulfilled by the late Steve Jobs.

New Apple Store In Shenzhen, China Will Open Its Doors On Saturday, November 3


Apple will have 7 retail stores in China come Saturday.

If you own a Mac or an iOS device, there’s a good chance it was assembled by the fine folks at the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, China. Despite being born there, however, Apple’s latest gadgets aren’t exactly easy to get hold of in the city. But that’s set to change on Saturday, November 3, when the Cupertino company opens the doors to its first Shenzhen retail store.

Apple Retail Woes Persist, Continued Focus On Revenue Over Customer Experience [Report]


John Browett joined Apple back in April as the successor to Ron Johnson.
John Browett joined Apple back in April as the successor to Ron Johnson.

Apple’s retail division has come under fire recently regarding staffing cutbacks and layoffs. Earlier this month, Apple’s newly-appointed head of retail, John Browett, admitted that he “messed up” with the new staffing formula, and that things would go back to normal for retail employees.

According to a new report, Apple’s retail stores are still suffering from new policies that have been implemented under the leadership of CEO Tim Cook and Senior Vice President of Retail John Browett. The internal focus has started to shift towards a more revenue-driven strategy instead of a strategy that prioritizes the customer experience.

Apple Welcomes New Retail VP John Browett With $60 Million In Stock


Apple's newest VP comes from the European retailer called Dixons.
Apple's newest VP comes from European retailer Dixons.

Following legendary Apple retail guru Ron Johnson’s departure to JC Penny, former Dixons CEO John Browett has officially joined Apple has the new Senior Vice President of Retail. Apple announced that Browett would be coming to the company back in January, but a recent filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reveals that he has officially joined the company with $60 million in stock.

Former Dixons CEO John Browett Is Now Apple’s Senior Vice President Of Retail



Replacing retail genius Ron Johnson wasn’t an easy task for Apple. The company has been seeking a replacement since he announced he was leaving to become CEO of JC Penney back in June. But it seems it has now found its man, after announcing that John Browett, who has been CEO of Dixons Retail in the U.K. since 2007, is the new Senior Vice President of Retail.