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Apple CEO Tim Cook will discuss cybersecurity with President Biden this week


Tim Cook congressional antitrust hearing: Should Tim Cook be worried about Congress breaking up Apple?
Cybersecurity is a big concern for many countries.
Photo: C-SPAN

Apple CEO Tim Cook, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, and other tech executives will meet President Biden at the White House this week. The focus of the meeting will be the efforts of private companies to improve cybersecurity following an increase in online attacks, one report claims.

Biden nixes Trump’s National Garden of American Heroes with Steve Jobs statue [Updated]


Steve Jobs AR Glasses
Apple co-founder Steve Jobs will NOT be commemorated in the National Garden of American Heroes.
Photo: Sebastian Errazuriz

Former president Trump’s plan to create a National Garden of American Heroes has been cancelled by the Biden Administration. It would have created an open-air space with statues of a wide variety of Americans, including Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Trump created the garden by executive order, and President Biden completely cancelled it Friday with another executive order. No reason was given.

Original article from January 18, 2021

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is one of hundreds of people who’ll have a statue in the National Garden of American Heroes that President Trump ordered be created.

The list includes a wide variety of men and women from history, including politicians, generals, explorers, inventors, writers, actors and more.

President-elect Biden is a big Apple News guy


Joe Biden
The face of a man who loves his Apple News.
Photo: The White House

Barack Obama, the last Democratic POTUS, was reportedly a big Apple fan. And his successor, President-elect Joe Biden, is supposedly an Apple guy as well — more specifically Apple News.

Evan Osnos, CNN’s newest contributor and author of Joe Biden: The Life, The Run, and What Matters Now, says Biden “relies on Apple News to help him get headlines from … reputable media sources.”

Apple employees overwhelmingly back Biden over Trump


Election contributions by Apple employees for heavily toward Democrats
Political contributions by Apple employees show a clear preference for Democrat candidates.
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Apple employees show they lean to the left in the clearest way possible: with their wallets. Election contributions by Apple employees inclined strongly toward Democrats in the 2020 presidential race.

It’s not even close. Apple employee contributions to Joe Biden’s campaign were more than 13 times greater than they were to President Donald Trump’s, for example.

Apple executive is leaving the company to help Joe Biden pick running mate


Cynthia Hogan 1
Cynthia Hogan has served as Apple's VP for public policy and government affairs since 2016.
Photo: LinkedIn

Cynthia Hogan, Apple’s vice president for public policy and government affairs, has resigned from the company, Axios reported Wednesday.

Apple confirmed the departure, which will take place next month. Hogan, who has a background serving as counsel to Joe Biden in the White House and Senate, is helping Biden to pick his running mate for this year’s presidential race.

Apple’s VP of public policy is helping pick Joe Biden’s running mate


Should Apple take over the White House?
An Apple employee could potentially help pick the future second most important person in America.
Photo: MattCC716/Flickr CC

Cynthia Hogan, Apple’s VP for public policy and government affairs, is helping pick Joe Biden’s running mate for the U.S. presidential campaign.

Hogan previously worked as Biden’s White House and Senate counsel. Now she’s working alongside former U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd, congresswoman Lisa Blunt and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to find Biden’s pick for vice president.

Bernie Sanders tops list for most donations from Apple employees


Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks at an event in Des Moines, Iowa.
Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks at an event in Des Moines, Iowa.
Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr CC

Big Tech employees are feeling the Bern as the U.S. presidential primary season shifts into full gear. New fundraising data disclosed this week reveals that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has raised more money from the country’s top tech companies than any other presidential candidate.

Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter employees donated nearly $270,000 to Sanders’ bid to take the White House, with nearly half of that money coming from Google. Check out the full breakdown by company: