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Mad Money host predicts big things for Apple through 2030


International governments plan to rethink tax rules for the ‘digital age’
Jim Cramer is betting big on Apple.
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By any measure, Apple had an astonishingly successful decade between 2010 and 2020, becoming the world’s first publicly traded $1 trillion company in the process. But Apple’s next 10 years could be another monster decade for the company, Mad Money host Jim Cramer speculates.

Speaking on his 65th birthday Monday, Cramer said that, “I’m going to make another 10-year bet [on Apple]. I think they’re that good.”

Tim Cook: New services coming to Apple in 2019


Tim Cook
Unsurprisingly, he won't spill the beans on what they are.
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Tim Cook teased new services that will be coming to Apple users this year. Responding to questions about falling iPhone sales during a CNBC interview, Cook stressed the way that Apple’s services division has grown significantly in the past several years.

“The services are on a tear,” Cook said. “On services, you will see us announce new services this year. There will more things coming.”

Tim Cook claims Apple’s long-term health has ‘never been better’


Tim Cook and Ivanka Trump
Tim Cook's year is off to a rocky start.
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Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to make an appearance on CNBC investing show Mad Money later today to defend Apple in light of recent setbacks.

The company warned last week that iPhone upgrades for the last quarter were lower than expected. After investors received the guidance on lower revenue for Q1 2019, Apple shares continued their downward slide, which has been pretty much nonstop since the company posted its Q4 2019 results.

Jim Cramer: iPhone 7 has ‘least amount of hype’ for any iPhone in history


Cramer during a previous phone call with Tim Cook.
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CNBC’s Jim Cramer has been very bullish about AAPL in the past, but he’s not sounding so sure about the iPhone 7. In fact, on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street show this morning, Cramer said that there was the “least amount of hype” ahead of tomorrow’s Apple event for any iPhone debut he could remember.

“The press ahead of this is like unless you’ve cracked your screen, you’re not going to buy it,” Cramer said, referring to the iPhone 7.

Tim Cook promises iPhone features you’ve never dreamed of


Everything at Apple is great. Promise...
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Future iPhones are going to be so amazing, you probably haven’t even thought of the features Apple is going to add, Tim Cook claimed in a recent interview.

The Apple CEO appeared Monday on Mad Money in an effort to abate the company’s bleeding stock price following last week’s less-than-stellar earnings call. Cook reassured investors that the rumors of Apple’s demise have been greatly exaggerated once again.

While lackluster iPhone sales last quarter have scared off mega-investors and analysts alike, Cook promised some incredible innovation is in the pipeline. In addition to touting upcoming iPhone features, Cook’s wide-ranging conversation with Mad Money host Jim Cramer touched on everything from the Apple Watch being (inaccurately) dubbed a flop to Apple’s growing interest in India and much more.

Here are the highlights:

Panicking investors are missing a crucial Apple metric


Cook says that Apple is no tax dodger.
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Apple soothsayers have been predicting doom and gloom for the iPhone-maker ever since Tim Cook dropped the company’s Q1 2016 earnings. iPhone sales are projected to decline. The iPad is still struggling. And even the Mac is taking a drop.

This is the end for Apple according to some Wall Street crazies, but they’re missing a key metric in Apple’s earnings report that shows the company still has a lot of growing to do thanks to it’s huge install base.

Tim Cook’s Mad Money email might have violated SEC rules


Apple raked in the cash last quarter.
Apple stock has been on a wild ride recently.
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Apple stock plummeted Monday morning before Tim Cook stepped in by emailing Mad Money‘s Jim Cramer to reassure investors that all is well for Apple in China. The move quickly turned Apple’s stock price around, but Cook might have violated Securities and Exchange Commission rules in the process.