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Jet black iPhone 7 Plus is in stock at Apple stores — for now


jet black iphone 7 plus
The Jet Black iPhone will be a scratch-magnet.
Photo: Apple

Apple stores across the United States are suddenly flush with stock of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Finding the jet black iPhone 7 Plus at Apple retail outlets has been an impossible task ever since the device launched last month, but a site that monitors supply shows that tons of Apple stores just got the rare item in stock.

This tool reveals which Apple Stores have iPhone 7 in stock


iPhone 7 Plus jet black
The jet black iPhone 7 Plus is in low supply.
Photo: Apple

Getting your hands on the jet black iPhone 7 Plus is practically impossible right now unless you were one of the first to pre-order. But Apple fans hoping to pick one up in stores now have a new tool that can track down the exact model you want as soon as it’s available.

Apple stores won’t have iPhone 7 Plus, any jet black models on Friday


jet black iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
Yep, you won't be getting one of these tomorrow if you haven't already ordered it.
Photo: Apple

iPhone 7 units are going to be rarer than hen’s teeth this Friday, according to Apple. The company’s retail stores have sold out of the hugely popular jet black iPhone 7 and all iPhone Plus models altogether.

In other words, unless you reserved ahead, simply queuing outside your local Apple store is no guarantee you will get the handset you want on launch day.