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What they said: Best Apple quotes of 2016


Best Apple quotes 2016
If you can't say something nice ...
Image: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

2016 Year in Review Cult of Mac The world of quotes is a poorer place without Steve Jobs, who was a quote machine. Nonetheless, plenty of people talked about Apple this year, whether lauding the company’s successes or damning its strategies.

Here are the most memorable Apple quotes of 2016.

Jeb Bush has a radical strategy to change Tim Cook’s mind on encryption


"Tim? Are you still there?"
Photo: Des Moines Register

Cybersecurity and civilian data become a hot topic at the end of last night’s GOP debate with Apple getting caught in the crossfire. Candidates criticized the company for its decision to keep customer data private, but Apple fanboy Jeb Bush revealed he has a radical strategy that will get Tim Cook to change his stance on encryption: ask really nicely.

Clueless Jeb Bush just discovered his ‘Bat Phone’ (Apple Watch) makes calls


Jeb Bush is amazed by his "Bat Phone."
Photo: Des Moines Register

Jeb Bush is a huge Apple Watch fan even though he knows how to use it about as much as he knows how to beat Donald Trump. The presidential hopeful is always incorrectly referring to the device as an “iWatch” — and apparently didn’t discover until today that it can make calls.

Bush received an untimely call during an interview Wednesday with The Des Moines Register’s editorial board, but had absolutely no idea where the talking voice was coming from. After reassuring reporters that his “watch can’t be talking,” Bush was politely informed that indeed it can.

“I’ve never had my Bat Phone turned on,” exclaims a befuddled Bush in the video. “That’s the coolest thing in the world.”

Watch the goofy incident below:

Jeb Bush thinks Apple Watch is flawed, but still cool


While on the campaign trial, Jeb Bush usually doesn't hold forth on the Apple Watch's strengths and weaknesses.
While on the campaign trial, Jeb Bush usually doesn't hold forth on the Apple Watch's strengths and weaknesses.
Photo: John Pemble/Flickr CC

Poor Jeb Bush. He can’t even discuss the Apple Watch and its shortcomings without coming off as overly exasperated.

“It’s not as intuitive as the other Apple products,” he said in a recent video interview with Business Insider. “The battery gives out too quick,” he continued, exhibiting the kind of head-bobbing body language he usually reserves for queries about his flailing presidential bid or Donald Trump’s oversimplified answers to complex questions.

Jeb Bush thinks Apple Watch can replace Obamacare


Jeb Bush is in love with Apple Watch

Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush hasn’t officially announced that he’s running for office, but he’s already hitting the campaign trail and he’s brining his Apple Watch with him.

In Tempe Arizona today, Jeb held a town hall meeting at the Chamber of Commerce and stopped to rave about his Apple Watch. It’s so amazing, he says he even thinks it should replace Obamacare.