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Ted Lasso scores second season on Apple TV+


Jason Sudeikis plays a clueless college football coach in the Apple TV+ comedy series
Jason Sudeikas shoots! He scores!
Photo: Apple TV+

Ted Lasso, the Apple TV+ comedy about a clueless American football coach who lands a job in Britain leading a team that plays that other kind of football, will come back for a second season, Apple said Wednesday.

Jason Sudeikas plays the lead in the show, which debuted on Apple TV+ last week. We’re only three episodes in to season 1, but so far, it looks like a winner. (Don’t take my word for it. Read the Cult of Mac review: Ted Lasso’s heart is too big to bench.)

Ted Lasso’s heart is too big to bench [Apple TV+ review]


Jason Sudeikis is the titular Ted Lasso
Jason Sudeikis is the titular Ted Lasso in the mostly winning comedy series.
Photo: Apple TV

Created for a diverting if not particularly funny web short, Jason Sudeikis‘ clueless coach Ted Lasso now has his own Apple TV+ series. The question is: Is there enough meat on the bones of the premise to support a comedy series?

Like the NBC Sports promos that spawned the character, Ted Lasso is about an American coaching football in England — and being sorta kinda unfit for the demands. Fish-out-of-water, culture-clash comedies are as old as film comedy itself. And there’s certainly potential in the idea of an old-fashioned Southern gentleman dropped into tough-as-nails, hyper-masculine soccer culture. But ultimately, the high-concept stuff isn’t what works in Ted Lasso’s favor. You must get past the show’s premise to get to the good part.

Hapless sports coach Ted Lasso gets his first Apple TV+ trailer


In Apple TV+ show
Jason Sudeikis reprises his character as an American sports coach turning his attention to soccer.
Photo: Apple

Apple just dropped a Ted Lasso trailer that gives the world its first glimpse of Jason Sudeikis reviving his clueless coach character for Apple TV+.

Sudeikis first played Lasso in a hilarious 2013 ad for Premier League soccer games on NBC Sports. With this Apple Original, he will extend the gag to series length, portraying a hapless, small-town college football coach hired by a U.K. soccer team.

Check out the amusing trailer below.