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Can FBI’s method open iPhone? Apple wants to wait and see


Apple iPhone 6s
Apple would like to let a case in Brooklyn cool off for a bit.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The FBI aren’t the only people interested in postponing court proceedings this week — Apple just requested a hold in its ongoing case in Brooklyn over a criminal’s locked phone.

Magistrate Judge James Orenstein has already ruled in Apple’s favor, saying that the government could not compel the company to breach its own software. But the government is appealing that decision, and Apple would like to see if some recent developments in a similar case might render a new decision unnecessary.

NY judge rules Apple can refuse to unlock iPhone


iPhone 6 by hurk:Pixabay
The government's case against Apple may be starting to crack.
Photo: Hurk/Pixabay

A New York magistrate judge has said that the government can’t compel Apple to unlock an iPhone involved in a criminal investigation.

In a ruling filed today, Judge James Orenstein has said that he must “reject the government’s interpretation that the [All Writs Act] empowers a court to grant any relief not outright prohibited by law.” This decision is the latest development in a months-long case that may serve as a precursor to the iPhone maker’s larger confrontation with the FBI.