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checkm8 promises to permanently jailbreak millions of iOS devices


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Your iPhone X may have just got a lot more interesting.
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A security researcher claims to have discovered an expliot that could lead to jailbreaken iOS models released as recently as 2017. Just as significantly, checkm8 supposedly can’t be patched by Apple, so any jailbroken device will remain so, no matter which iOS version it’s running.

Replace Your Boring Music App Icon With Currently Playing Song On Your iOS Device With This Jailbreak Tweak



One of the first tweaks I make to any Mac I use is this neat little tweak that adds the currently playing album’s art to any song playing in Tunes.

Wouldn’t it be cool, though, if you could do the same thing on iOS, replacing the Music logo on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with the album art cover of the song you’re currently listening to? As usual, with a jailbreak and a simple Cydia download, you can.

Jailbreakme.com Is Dead, Long Live Jailbreaks.me



Up until now, the only way to jailbreak an iPad 2 was to be running iOS 4.3.3 and use the JailbreakMe v3 hack, which was accomplished by going to jailbreakme.com with Mobile Safari and then letting it do its thing.

Well, no longer. The Dev Team’s MuscleNerd reports that Jailbreakme.com is dead. Don’t stress too much, though, because jailbreaks.me will be picking up the slack.

Jailbroken iPhone Hacked With A Serial Connector Makes Perfect IT Tool



At first, Chris Pollock‘s hack to connect his iPhone to a computer’s serial port seems like a “because I can” sort of project, but in reality, it appears that it’s actually incredibly useful.

Why? Chris apparently works in IT, and as it turns out, a jailbroken iPhone armed with a serial port connector and many of Cydia’s console packages is a godsend for an IT worker: it’s an entire computer that you can just whip out of your pocket in a pinch to do some mainframe troubleshooting.

Fantastic. Now if only your could use this serial port hack to sync through iTunes.