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Apple Brings “12 Days Of Gifts” App To U.S. Customers For The First Time



Apple has been doing its “12 Days of Christmas” promotion for a few years now — offering iOS users a bit of Yuletide cheer in the form of free videos, songs, games, books and apps.

Strangely, while this promotion has spread Cupertino Christmas wishes to those as far away as those in Europe, Canada and Japan, it has never before been available to U.S. customers.

Apple Launches 12 Days Of Christmas App In Europe For 2012




Apple’s holiday tradition of giving away freebies for Christmas continues this year with the re-launch of their 12 Days of Christmas App. The app actually looks and functions exactly like last year’s 12 Days of Christmas app.

Like previous versions of the app, 12 Days of Christmas will give away a selection of songs, music videos, apps, and books for free. Each giveaway item is only available for 24-hours so this is an app you’ll want to keep tabs on.