Apple forced to tell Italian shoppers about iPhone throttling controversy


iPhone batteries
Apple's iPhone throttling controversy dominated the news last year.
Photo: iFixIt

As part of the fallout from a decision in Italy, Apple has added a statement to its homepage in the country, describing how it did not provide adequate information to customers.

The statement concerns the “iPhone throttling” controversy, in which Apple slowed down iPhones with aging batteries, via an iOS update.

Italy investigates Apple and Samsung for slowing down phones


This is the first time Samsung has been called into question for slowing down its handsets.
Photo: Apple

Italy is the latest country to throw its hat into the ring when it comes to investigating Apple for its purposeful slowing down of older iPhone devices.

In doing so, it joins countries including BrazilSouth Korea, China and France, which have all questioned Apple about its iPhone-throttling software update. In a new twist, however, Italy is also investigating Apple rival Samsung.

Apple Pay officially opens for business in Italy


Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 10.56.47
You could say Apple Pay has a pizza the Italian market. You probably shouldn't, though.
Photo: Apple

Apple Pay is officially open for business in Italy, with Visa and MasterCards issued by Boon, Carrefour, and UniCredit all able to used by customers. Additional banks are set to be added later on in 2017.

Underground Milan store could be Apple’s most striking yet


Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 15.37.42
You'll have to walk through a waterfall to reach Apple's new store.
Photo: Apple

Apple is adding a spectacular new retail store to its collection — but you’ll have to visit Milan to see it.

Located in the city’s Piazza Liberty, the store will take a note out of Apple’s iconic Fifth Avenue Apple store in New York by being located underground, with access via a special elevator. Or, in this case, a spectacular staircase entrance located between two waterfalls.

Check out a couple more pictures below.

Apple Pay looks set to arrive in Germany and Italy soon


Apple in talks to bring Apple Pay to Israel
Apple could be on its way to two new markets.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple Pay may be set to arrive in two new markets, as Apple has updated the local support document pages for both Germany and Italy.

The pages now include translations of the “About Apple Pay” document which can be found in other markets where Apple Pay is already active. The pages were both updated last week.

Apple exec cuts deal to avoid jail in European tax probe


Apple previously shelled out 318 million euros over its lack of corporate tax payments in Italy.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

An Apple executive has avoided jail as part of an Italian investigation into Apple’s failure to pay corporate tax in the country.

The executive in question, the head of Apple’s Irish-based Apple Sales International, was being investigated as part of the case. Apple agreed to pay 318 million euros last year to close the investigation, but the exec could still have been forced to spend six months in prison for his part in it.

Apple to open first iOS academy in Italy this October


iPhone SE
App makers in Italy will get hands-on learning from Apple.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The first-ever iOS development center in Europe created by Apple is set to open later this year, providing aspiring developers with the practical skills and training necessary to make killer apps.

Apple revealed today that the center will officially be named iOS Developer Academy to be located at Università di Napoli Federico II.

For world’s biggest Apple museum, book a flight to Italy


The All About Apple Museum in Savona, Italy.
The All About Apple Museum in Savona, Italy.
Photo: All About Apple Museum

Cult of Mac 2.0 bugFor years, Apple has been under pressure to open an Apple museum. The company’s rich and storied past has its fans clamoring for a central repository of that history.

Word from the company: No. Apple’s leaders say they are more interested in the future than the past.

In fact, the most complete historical collection of all things Apple is nowhere near Cupertino. The serious Apple fan must travel to, of all places, Savona, Italy.