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This Table Is Touch Sensitive, Like The iPhone That Inspired It



It looks like a stack of iPhone 4s, but this is a coffee table — the iTable.

It’s also a speaker dock with a motorized speaker bar that rises like a stage organ when your hand is swiped across the  touch-sensitive controls (see the video below).

Designed a built by Kyle Buckner, who is best known for custom car interiors, the iTable is the first in a line of Apple-themed furniture.

“I am creating a line with this category,” said Buckner by IM.

Lots more pictures and a video after the jump:

iCoffee Table Stands Tall



Back in May, CoM published a phone cam shot of a table that looked like an iPod found in a Milan hotel.

We tracked down the guy who made it, Mirko Ginepro, an industrial designer, graphic artist and photographer.

His iTable is made from Corian (frequently the stuff of kitchen and bathroom counter tops), the “screen” is glass and the necessary add-on to make the original design furniture-worthy, the legs, are steel.

Ginepro built three iTables for an installation at Milan’s design week this year, then sold one to the hotel and another to an art gallery.

“I like to take inspiration from everyday objects and as Mac user, those designs are the ones I see all the time,” Ginepro told Cult of Mac. “The idea was to take an object that didn’t start out as furniture and turn it in into something useful.”

The iTable is about 47 inches long by 29 inches wide (original measurements: 120 x 75 centimeters) and about 13 inches high.

It comes in classic white, black or sunny yellow. Each table is a one-of-a kind, made-to-order piece of art (read: workaround to wrangling a licensing agreement with you-know-who for mass production). More info on availability, cost etc. through his website.