Enjoy Quality Sound From Your Bluetooth-Enabled Device With The iShower [Deals]


CoM - iShower

Having quality audio anywhere you go can enhance just about any situation – and Bluetooth® speakers can make that happen. Unfortunately a majority of these speakers aren’t inexpensive, so using them in any condition whatseover – especially where water is involved – can be very risky.

Not so with the product in the latest Cult of Mac Deals offer: The iShower.

The iShower is a Bluetooth®-enabled, water-resistant speaker that is compatible with the most popular Bluetooth®-enabled smartphones and tablets including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android and just about everything else. And you can pick up the iShower during this limited time offer for only $84.99 – a savings off 22%!

If You Listen To Music In The Shower, You’re Gonna Love The iShower Speaker [Review]



I’m one of those people that loves background noise. I like listening to podcasts when I cook; I love a running telly while I’m doing chores; and even when I’m in the shower, I’ve either got Spotify or those podcasts going again.

Previously, this love of shower-time bluegrass meant bringing my iPhone into the bathroom, cranking up the volume on its little speakers, then straining to hear its tinny audio through the whir of water and intense loofahing. But the iShower ($100) Bluetooth speaker fixes this problem simply and wonderfully. It brings your iDevice’s audio anywhere where water would usually kill it, like your bathtub, shower, or sink, and works so well, it’s quickly becoming my favorite new iPhone accessory.

iShower, The Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


An iShower. Taking a shower.


If the iShower didn’t look like something you’d find next to you if you were laying in a hospital bed, it might just be the perfect summer speaker. As the name suggests, it’s a waterproof speaker whose Bluetooth connection keeps your iPhone safely away from anything wet.