TDK Debuts Awesome iPod Boomboxes Without Ubiquitous Docks [CES 2011]



LAS VEGAS, CES 2011 — In a world grown tired of identical iPod speaker systems, TDK has dared to think different.

Here at CES the company debuted three iPod boomboxes that dispense with the ubiquitous speaker dock in favor of a simple USB port at the back. That means the boomboxes are still iPod/iPhone compatible (via the standard USB cable), but aren’t dominated by a dock on top or up front.

So why dispense with the dock?

“The iPod really dictates the design,” explained TDK spokesman Tren Blankenship. “You have to put it front and center. Losing the iPod allowed us to make something nice and clean.”

iChair Surrounds You With Sound



This playful polka dot chair comes wired for sound with an audio jack for your iPod, two built-in 10-watt speakers and a 15-watt subwoofer.

The cotton canvas chair slightly rocks (to keep up with your head bobbing) and comes in brown and white dots or light blue and white dots.

Aimed at the teen market (unsurprisingly, the pink version was a sell-out) if it came in a more grown-up print or solids it’d be a great piece for the den.

$349.00 at PBteen

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Size Matters: Giant Earbud Speakers



Just like your iPod earbuds, but supersized 500 times.
These 500XL giant earbud portable speakers have a built-in amp, run on three AAA batteries and come with a USB cord.

No specs on how much they pump though the makers assure you’ll be able to annoy your co-workers, which is important.

$60 at Fred Flare
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Toyrific iPod Speaker



This Lego-look speaker will pump some sound for the iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Touch and iPod Mini. The USB-charged speaker blocks come in red, blue, green, white, black  yellow and pink.
No details on how powerful it is, but probably enough to annoy someone in the next cubicle over.
At around $20, it’s an idea for the random people on your list.

Available at Delight

Pretty as a Picture iPod Speaker



Artcoustic has come up with a clever solution for small spaces or people who like music but want speakers to be good-looking or at least unobtrusive. It looks like a painting but this iPod dock with speaker blasts your sound without any of the bulk, the only thing not super cool about it is the name — SUPERSTAR iPod Music Centre.

The makers assure it’s a plug and play setup for these state-of-the art speakers with built-in
2x150watt Amplifier.

The front panel of the SUPERSTAR (what were they thinking?) comes in solid colors, jaunty stripes, a ton of patterns and even a series of Buddha portraits. And if you get tired of the look, move or repaint, you can always change it. Available in 2009, no word on price.

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iPod Speakers: Four Paper Cups, Two Toothpicks



Designer Dmitry Zagga kept his iPod speakers simple: all you need for his CupSpeakers, dubbed the “iPod Ghetto Accesory” are four white paper cups (preferably from the company cafeteria) and a couple of toothpicks to hold them together.

By his own admission, “the increase in volume, of course, is radiculous, (sic?) but hey, you get stylish iPod accessory out of nothing!”

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