Ending Soon: Turn Your iPod Nano Into A Stylin’ Watch [Deals]



If you have a previous generation iPod nano (the touchscreen one), you’ve probably seen the straps and kits to make it a watch (you know I never did see one that made a nano look like a pocket watch). Since I had the chance while working for an Apple retailer to see lots of samples of these straps and kits, I can tell you something with authority—most of them were junk.

Most of the samples I saw looked awful on your wrist or looked cheap or…just bad. The ones that looked best were the ones that employed more “watch-like” features like…screws, links, real bands. This is what I like about the Lynk Watch Kit, it looks like a watch band—The Lynk Watch Kit By LUNATIK (Black): Get an Ultra-Lightweight, Stylish & Comfortable Watch Piece That Will Fit Any Occasion.