Get Loose: Massage Table With iPod Dock



An idea whose time has come: a massage table with an iPod dock built in.

The Sonora Sound Spa Table with integrated Bose Speakers and an iPod Nano has a $6,195 price tag, so it’s not the kind of thing most people could have at home.

But if these became standard equipment at spas, it would be a vast improvement. You could have your kinks worked out while listening to an audio book from home or some non-annoying relaxation music. (No more pan flutes!)

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Combi iPod Bouncer Pacifies Kids, Parents



If you’ve spent any time around wee ones lately,  you know toy manufacturers seem to be challenging each other to see who can devise the most annoying, ear-wormy tinny electronic jingle to fart out whenever your kid interacts with it in some way.

Hail the Combi Bouncer, the killer app for baby bouncers. You can plug in the music from your iPod and a vibration unit driven by the music sends them into cooing cuteness or sleep faster. Sound controls are on the back,  so the baby is not disturbed when you turn down the “Cradle Song.”

It can hold babies up to 25 lbs and comes with a removable collapsible canopy, toy bar with wooden toys and an adjustable hammock-style seat design.

$79.99 USD on Think Geek

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