Italian Judge Rules Against Samsung, iPhone 4S Launch On



You can hear a collective sospiro of relief from Italian Apple fans today after a judge in Milan denied a request by Samsung to block sales of the iPhone 4S in a preliminary hearing.

At stake was the launch of the iPhone 4S on October 28, the device that some Italians have already been buying on eBay  just to say they’ve established intimate relations with Siri before anyone else.

iPhone 4s Contests Abound, Despite Apple Veto on Giveaways




Apple guidelines prohibit third-party giveaways with iPhones and iPads as prizes — but that hasn’t stopped enterprising companies from using Apple’s latest hot product, the iPhone 4S, as a contest giveaway.


In the past, the Cupertino company has cracked down on a few iPad giveaways – in one case not approving a company’s app until it pulled the contest – but it has been hit and miss.