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iPhone 7 faces Aussie surf test at Bondi Beach


iphone 7 surfing in australia
Is iPhone 7 the ultimate action cam?
Photo: SoBadSoGood.

Apple’s waterproofing on the iPhone 7 is looking worthy of the price to upgrade alone.

I can’t count how many iPhones I’ve destroyed over the last nine years during water accidents. But after watching the iPhone 7 take a surfing lesson at Australia’s beautiful Bondi Beach, it looks like Apple totally undersold just how water-resistant the new smartphone truly is.

Watch the iPhone 7 catch waves:

Scratch, flame and bend test puts iPhone 7 through its paces


Bendgate didn't make a return this year, fortunately!
Photo: JerryRigEverything

The iPhone 7 has only been out a matter of hours, and already it’s undergone its first torture tests, courtesy of YouTuber JerryRigEverything.

After exposing his matte black iPhone 7 to various scratches, flames and bend attempts, JerryRigEverything comes to some interesting conclusions.

Check out his iPhone stress test video below.

iPhone SE is more bendy and breakable than iPhone 6s


The iPhone SE bends easier than the iPhone 6s.
The iPhone SE bends easier than the iPhone 6s.
Photo: Apple

The iPhone SE may have the brains of the iPhone 6s, but not the brawn.

It took only 160 pounds of force to bend the iPhone SE’s frame in a new durability test pitting Apple’s tiny new iPhone against the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The new 4-inch iPhone stands up well fairly well against the iPhone 6s Plus, but it gets wrecked in SquareTrade’s tests, while the iPhone 6s takes a beating and still looks great.