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Some Idiot Is Going To Pay Over $13,000 For This $16 iPhone 5C Shell




We’re only two weeks away from the official unveiling of the iPhone 5C, but some eBay geniuses scammers are trying to make some quick Gs off desperate Apple fans hungry for a prototype scoop.

An eBay listing for a genuine iPhone 5C Rear Shell started out at $20 but has quickly received 70 bids, with the latest totaling over $13,600. With the insane amount of iPhone 5C leaks dropping over the past few months, we imagine it’s probably real. But what those clueless fanboys don’t know is they could save $13,584 and get one for $16.

Update: The listing has been removed, citing “the item is no longer available.”

Source: eBay

iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C Coming To Japan September 20th [Report]



Just to put the following report in the proper perspective, let’s start out by saying that two months ago — just two days after Apple debuted iOS 7 at WWDC 2013 — we predicted that the iPhone 5S would be released on September 20th later this year, after debuting ten days earlier.

How did we come up with that date? It was easy. We looked at what Apple had done in previous iPhone launches, and then took a look at the calendar for 2013. No soothsaying, no mysterious sources. It was as simple as that.

So when Japan’s largest industry newspaper, Nikkei, starts reporting that Apple will release the iPhone 5S and 5C on (yup) September 20th, you have to ask yourselves. Do they actually know? Or are they just fudging it?

Apple Tells Suppliers To Ship Two New iPhones In September



The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are all but official at this point, but if you had any doubts that new iPhones are coming soon, The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has told its supplier Hon Hai to start shipping the new iPhones in September.

Apple’s suppliers have been mass producing parts for the new iPhone since June, but are ready to ship them out this Fall. According to the report, Apple will announce both a high-end and low-end iPhone at an event in September, but the WSJ says it’s not clear whether they will launch on the same day, or if Apple will opt to showcase one device.

Apple is expected to announce the new iPhones at a media event on September 10th, as well as new iPads and the final version of iOS 7.

Source: Wall Street Journal

AllThingsD Confirms Apple Really Is Releasing A Gold iPhone



Rumors of Apple releasing a gold-colored iPhone have been hard for some to swallow, but according to AllThingsD’s sources, Apple plans to introduce a gold iPhone at the September 10th keynote.

While many Apple fans are worried that a gold iPhone would look too gaudy and doesn’t match the Apple design aesthetic, John Paczkowski’s sources says the gold iPhone will have a white face with a gold black plate and chamfered edging.

Rather than using a bold ingot gold tone many have feared, the gold iPhone will be more of a champagne color. No word on whether the gold iPhone will be priced differently than other models (we doubt it), but we’ll just have to wait and see the final product on September 10th.

Source: ATD