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Ron Paul defends Apple: Spying has not prevented one terrorist attack


Ron Paul says we should all support Apple.
Photo: R. DeYoung/Flickr CC

Siri loves Ron Paul, and apparently Paul’s feelings toward Apple are mutual.

The former congressman and presidential candidate used his weekly column this week to take on the issue of Apple’s standoff with the FBI — arguing that creating a backdoor for the iPhone would absolutely be a “precedent-setting case,” and stating that, “The government spying on us has not prevented one terrorist attack.”

This brute-force device can crack any iPhone’s PIN code


Photo: MDSec
It's not exactly the Enigma Machine, but it'll do the trick! Photo: Mobile App Hacker's Handbook

Touch ID might be a more convenient and secure security implementation than PIN codes, but for now at least PINs are sticking around — which makes your iPhone vulnerable to anyone who gets their hands on it.

Of course, your iPhone only gives you a certain number of failed guesses, which means that unless the hacker somehow quickly guesses the correct code out of the 10,000 possible combinations, your iPhone’s contents remain safe.

A new video which has surfaced online, however, shows off a brute-force machine capable of trying every possible four-digit numerical combination in turn, while also resetting your iPhone to try again when it runs out of attempts. You can check it out below.